Sur-Prize! Sweepstakes Winner – dc47

Congratulations dc47 on winning the Ninja Mega Kitchen System from the 3/1/16 Sur-Prize! Sweepstakes! Here’s what he said: 

This is great to win something! I have not won anything for a long time. Thank You GSN, for all you do for us, keep up the good work.

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$4,980 GSN ChaChingo Bingo Winner – zekester3

chaoCongratulations to zekester3, winner of the $4,980 GSN ChaChingo Bingo jackpot on 1/14/2016.

Zeke is a vibrant and active presence in the GSN community, and we’re so pleased to be able to share his story with you:

My Very Dear GSN Oodles and ChaChingo Team.

Every time we pick our ChaChingo numbers, we hope and dream of winning the ChaChingo Bingo Jackpot.  When someone else wins, we think good for them. Oh well, maybe one of these days it could be me.  Continue reading

Daily $100 Sweepstakes Winner – winenr

getImageCongratulations winenr on winning the $100 Daily Sweepstakes on 1/28/16. Oodling does pay! Here’s what she said: 

Wow Big THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU GSN Games. I am over the moon excited to have won $100 from GSN Games on 1/28/16!
Love playing GSN Games and tell everyone how fun GSN Games are and about the great community and staff. Thank you GSN Games for answering prayers and putting a big smile on my face. You all are the best!!!

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Pick the Big Game Winner for a Chance at 25,000 Tokens & 2,500 Oodles!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Denver. The Oodles and Tokens are being awarded throughout the day on Wednesday 2/10. 

Predict the winner in upcoming big game before 6:30 PM ET Sunday 2/7  to score 25,000 Tokens and 2,500 Oodles.

Click on one team who you think will win (do not pick both if you want to qualify, and do not get more than one Oodlectible):  Carolina or Denver


*Tokens & Oodles are awarded within two business days after the end of each event. Check back here for updates.
**Only one pick per game per player. No Oodle refunds for multiple picks!
*** Do not pick both Carolina and Denver if you want a chance to win Tokens and Oodles.

$25 Daily Gift Card Winner -wgibbs61

amazon-25Congratulations to wgibbs61, winner of a $25 Walmart Gift Card on 1/25/16. 

Thank you so much, I am thrilled!  I have only been playing about 10 months, but am having lots of fun.  I play daily, and love building up my oodles winnings.  I will probably use my Walmart gift card for fishing gear!

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Flooring Frenzy Sweepstakes Winner – jobileen

Congratulations to jobileen on winning a $5,000 Lumber Liquidators gift card in the Flooring Frenzy Sweepstakes on 12/2/15

OMG!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!! I just said to my husband yesterday(!) That I guessed we didn’t win the LL Flooring prize … we are building our retirement condo home for this summer move in and this is such a big help with our building budget!!! THANKS SO MUCH TO GSN FOR THIS WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY!! Thanks again…couldn’t imagine any other perfect Christmas gift to receive for my family!!

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Weekly Prize Spree Sweepstakes Winner – tm30008

Congratulations tm30008 on winning the 12/7/15 Weekly Prize Spree Sweepstakes. Here’s what she said: 

WOW!! Thank you so much! This is so awesome and happened at the perfect time. I am so grateful, I have always wanted to be a sweepstakes winner and I play on GSN all the time. THANK YOU!!!!!

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