Video Bingo Deluxe – 10 Rounds for 100 Oodles

Bingo lovers, score Oodles for what you enjoy most: Play 10 rounds of Video Bingo Deluxe for 100 Oodles. Repeat once a day until midnight ET Sunday. PLUS pocket 25,000 EXTRA Tokens when you play 1 million. Repeat up to 20 times for 500,000 extra Tokens. Details on My GSN.

*NOTE the map mini-game experience has ended, but watch for some exciting 4th of July fun coming up. 


Obol Daily Auction Winner

obol_sweeps_detailCongratulations to jigsawdonna, who won a set of 2 Obol Crispy Bowls from the Daily Auction on 6/2/14. Enter this week through Sunday for a chance to win your own set! Read what jigsawdonna had to say when she won:

I think the Obols look great not only for cereal, but for soup or chili.  I know they come in colors and I would love to have either red or purple ones to match my other plates and bowls.  I tried bidding on them a few months ago and never got them, so I am really happy that I made it this time.  I can’t wait to try them and I hope the 3 or 4 weeks fly by!   Now, it’s back to building my oodles up so I can bid on another prize!!!!  I love GSN and am on almost all the time chatting with my friends or playing games.  It is never dull on GSN and I can say the time goes by quickly and I look at the clock and my day has gone by.  Love you GSN!!!!

Power for Our Players Sweepstakes

Going camping? Heading to the beach? Bring the JOOS Orange with you and you’ll have a reliable power source all day. It’s the best-performing solar charger under the sun! Enter with your Oodles now – this sweepstakes ends midnight ET on 6/29.

~5 will win a JOOS Orange, a Protective Neoprene Case, and a PowerBoost Reflector Kit.
~1,500 runner-up contestants will score a 25% off coupon code. 


Daily Auction – Fiafini Skincare

Sometimes life is complicated. Fiafini Skincare is not.

The 3 Piece Collection contains everything you need for your daily skin regime. The Divine Hydration Moisturizer hydrates while providing anti-aging benefits, the Delicate Cleansing Emulsion gently removes makeup and dirt while leaving the skin nourished and radiant, and the Deluxe Anti-Aging Eye Cream addresses all the visible signs of aging while keeping delicate skin hydrated and firm. Bid daily here through 6/28.


High-Tech Hydration Sweepstakes

When it comes to filtrated water, Eco Vessel water bottles are the best choice! Eco Vessel water bottles are tested and trusted. They’re made without the use of harmful or leaching materials and chemicals, including Phthalates and BPA. Who do you want to trust your summer thirst to? 

Use your Oodles to enter here for your chance to score one of the following. Ends 6/19:

25 winners will walk away with a pair of Aqua Vessel Ultra Lite Tritan Filtration Water Bottles.
1,500 runner-up contestants will pocket a 40% off coupon code.