Play B-I-N-G-O Mania to Score Oodles and Tokens

Looking for a chance to play for Oodles and Tokens? BINGO – you’ve found it! Details on My GSN. Ends 9/13


–      Score 150 Oodles when you play 5 rounds of Video Bingo Deluxe or Bingo Bash. Come back and play again to score 150 MORE every day through Sunday.

–      PLUS, Score 2,000 Tokens for every 50,000 Tokens you wager in Video Bingo Deluxe. Repeat up to 200 times each day through Sunday!

Wheel of Fortune Slots Weekend

UPDATE: We’re sorry, we’ve found Oodles are not crediting today (Friday). The promotion will credit correctly starting Saturday. 

Please accept the following 200 Oodles promo code as an apology. Redeem WOFSWEEKEND on My GSN for 200 Oodles. Expires 8/17. 


This weekend just got 400,200 times better. Take home 200 Oodles when you spin in ANY Wheel of Fortune Slots, PLUS pocket 2,000 Tokens when you wager 50,000 Tokens (up to 200X a day!). HURRY – these weekend wonders end Sunday at midnight ET.. Details on My GSN


Earn 200 Oodles a Day in the World Record Weekend, Plus 10,000 Tokens for Every Million Tokens Played

It’s GSN World Record Weekend! Break our record for most games played and earn bonuses too. Play any game and score 100 Oodles with 100 spins, up to 2X each day Saturday and Sunday. .

Plus, enter promo code: WORLDRECORD to score extra! Pocket 10,000 Tokens when you play 1 million in any game, up to 500,000 Tokens each day. Important: Be sure to enter the promo code first to score the extra Tokens for the weekend. Details on My GSN. Ends 11/16.

Update: The promo code was not working as expected and has been discontinued. Starting around 6pm ET Saturday, players will be automatically credited 10,000 Tokens for every 1 million played through tonight and tomorrow. For those who were not credited properly today, Player Services will be updating your credits next week. I apologize for the confusion. 


Daily Break Unavailable This Weekend

DailybreakThe Daily Break has been temporarily disabled from the site for the weekend since it is not working correctly. There is no need to contact Player Services.

It is NOT gone permanently. Daily Break updated their platform last week which has caused continuing issues for our players.  We hope to re-enable Daily Break once we receive confirmation from them that these issues have definitely been resolved.

Players were credited today at 5:05am ET for 5/9, so awards are up to date. 

Please do not worry about lost Oodles. I’m sure a new promo code will be available next week to cover the down time. If you’ve not collected yesterday’s Oodles promo code yet, you can find it here. Again, I’m very sorry for the disruption to your game play. 

Oodletorial – Mother’s Day and a Recap of the Week

mothersday_fbTGIF everyone!  I know it’s been a busy week on, so let’s do a recap.

There have been some issues with the Daily Break, which should now be resolved. I sincerely apologize for these difficulties. If you haven’t already, be sure to claim your Oodles Promo Code by 5/13. You can find it here.

We also have a couple Mother’s Day Oodlectibles. You can choose a standard or premium animated version. Read about both here. There’s more, so continue reading!  Continue reading

Easter Weekend Special – Apology Promo Code For 300 Oodles

easter_email_600x175_vbdWe’re very sorry for this weekend’s Easter Weekend Special Casino issue.This should now be resolved, but we know you missed out on two days of the Oodles promotion. 

Please accept this promo code as our apology: EASTERWEEKEND300. You can redeem the code here for 300 Oodles. Please redeem soon as it expires Thursday night (4/24) at 11:59pm ET. May be redeemed only once. 

If you are still having issues loading the games, please try clearing your browser cashe and cookies. If that does not work, contact Player Services under Help on the main page. 

Let them know what browser and operating system you’re using, as well as what you’re playing on (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc). This information helps ops troubleshoot. If you’re uncertain what operating system you use, you can check at this link.

Again, our sincerest apologies. We hope you had a great weekend otherwise!