Current USA Medal Count

flag_detailIf you’ve used your Oodles to purchase the 2014 Team USA Oodlectible, this is the final medal count as of 9:45am ET, Monday, 2/24.

9 gold  (1st place) x 3 Team US points = 27 points

7 silver  (2nd place) x 2 Team US points = 14 points

12 bronze  (3rd place) x 1 Team US points = 12 points

This point tally translates to 5,300 Oodles and 53,000 Tokens.

Also, it’s not too late to get your own 2014 Team USA Oodlectible and join in on the fun. You can find it here. Available through 2/23. (Remember, 1 per player. Multiple Oodlectibles do not result in multiple winnings, and there are no refunds)

PLEASE NOTE. This is just an ongoing count of how many medals the USA has scored so far. This is not an amount you should be credited yet. Per the rules, credits will happen by 2/25 once there is a final total after 2/23


Winter Sports Schedule for extra Tokens and Oodles!

It’s going to be an exciting two weeks at GSN! Participate in our winter sports events and score Tokens and Oodles. Here’s what’s happening:

The Team USA Oodlectible:  Redeem to win Oodles and Tokens with each medal. Details are here, but remember, Only purchase ONE of each of this Oodlectible. Multiple purchases of the same Oodlectible will not increase winnings, and there are no refunds.  2/6 – 2/23


The Winter Sports Scavenger Hunt: There will be 5 Oodlectibles available, but be warned. Some are harder to get than others, and there’s no guarantee of getting all 5. The more of the set you collect, the more Tokens you’ll score. Look for them here, and check back often!  Only purchase ONE of each of these Oodlectibles. Multiple purchases of the same Oodlectible will not increase winnings, and there are no refunds. Below are the 5 to watch for. From 2/6-2/23


SOCHINGO Bonus: Pocket DOUBLE Oodles and Tokens every hour in GSN ChaChingo Bingo.


The 4th Slots Race will also be making an appearance: Stay tuned for exciting Token jackpots! Stay tuned for details within the next two weeks.