Puppy Love Slots, Three Wishes Slots, and American Blackjack Update

betsoft_titles_launch_pr_tracker_270x133We apologize for the difficulties with Puppy Love Slots, Three Wishes Slots, and  American Blackjack.

Because we want to provide you with the best gaming experience, these games will be taken down over the weekend so our game engineers can work on the connecting/loading issues.

We love the enthusiasm you have for these games, and sincerely appreciate your patience while we work on them.

GSN ChaChingo Bingo Update

chachingo_2x_games_290I’d like to apologize for the confusion earlier today, but I think you’ll like this change!

Please be advised we consider this a “beta test” which means there could be some issues that crop up. Be assured the web team is standing by to handle any problems. 

We’ve added a new feature to GSN ChaChingo Bingo so you can lock in DOUBLE the bingo balls. 

This will give you 2 shots at cash, Oodles, and Tokens every hour, as well  as a better chance at Group Loot while playing on site.

When you pick your numbers as usual, and click continue, after the ad you will see this window pop up: Continue reading