Update to “Remember Me” Button

gsnRecently we introduced the “Remember Me” button under your password on the login screen. We did make a small change by having the checkbox automatically checked for you when you log in. If you prefer not to have the site remember you, just uncheck the box before you log in.   

We recommend you not use this option on public or shared computers.  If you share your computer with other family members and do use this option, be sure to click on the “log out” link in the upper right hand corner of the screen when you’re finished with your session. That way, the next person to log in won’t be doing so under your name. 

For security reasons, you will still get prompted to verify your identity by entering your password if it’s been two weeks since you last logged in and at certain points in the site such as:

  • Going to Cash Games
  • Accessing My Account
  • Making a purchase (either on the web or in the game)

The “Remember Me” function will only work if you have cookies enabled. Clearing cookies will also clear “Remember Me”.