$25 Daily Gift Card Winner – chatty-cat

amazon-25Congratulations to chatty-cat, winner of a $25 Target Gift Card on 11/12/15. 

I was starting to lose hope in winning anything this year and GSN came through and rescued me with winning this $25 Target Gift Card and since then my faith has been renewed in the world of sweepstakes! Many thanks to everyone at GSN and happy holidays.

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$25 Daily Gift Card Winner – 4pixiedawn4

amazon-25Congratulations to 4pixiedawn4, winner of a $25 Target Gift Card on 10/17/15. She’s a two-time winner! Here’s what she told us:

This is the second prize I have won and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  Thanks for letting me play and relax after working.  I look forward every day to spending some time playing games on GSN.

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$25 Daily Gift Card Winner – mulefeathers1

Congratulations to mulefeathers1, winner of a $25 Target Gift Card! We appreciate her keeping GSN classy!  😀

Thank you so much for this prize.  I never thought I could win.  This is a fun picture from a vacation with online friends.  I tell them I wear the tiara while online to give my comments class.

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$25 Daily Gift Card Winner – 13indianmaiden20

Congratulations to 13indianmaiden20, who won a $25 Target gift card on 6/8/15. She sent us this:

Thank you so much. What a surprise. I just love playing my games on GSN. I think I’m addicted. Wow, I look forward to receiving it. Again thank you so very much. It pays to play on GSN!

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$500 Target Gift Card Winner – mazotti

Congratulations to mazotti on winning a $500 Target Gift Card! It sounds like it was a much needed win. Here’s what she told us:

Winning the Target gift card could not have come at a better time.  Our computer crashed and we were able to get a new one using the gift card.   My kids are happy there is even a little left over for something for them!

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