The Nifty Jackpot Boogie Story

Have you heard the story of Jackpot Boogie Slots? If not, tune in now – a far-out story awaits:


It was Disco Night in ShakeShakeLand’s biggest nightclub. The dancers were dancing, the groovers were groovin’, the Oodlers were Oodling, and the disco balls were balling. Disco Dude had the floor and was layin’ out ALL his suave moves.

“Boogy oooooon baby! Dance. YEAH. DANCE!” The spectators cheered.

“Go get him, Betty,” a girl whispered to her friend.

Betty twirled onto the wooden floor and did her thang. Her feet moved, her legs grooved, but no matter how she bopped and swayed she couldn’t keep up. Disco Dude grabbed her hand and twirled her right back into the audience.

“Who’s next? Who can keep up and get down tonight? I want ALL of you to SHAKE SHAKE SHA-”

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The Story Behind Video Bingo Deluxe: Once Upon a Daub

Do you know the story of Video Bingo Deluxe: Once Upon a Daub? If not, settle back and read on! A tale of great intrigue awaits:


Once upon a daub there was a charmed storybook, adored by all in the enchanted town of Evermore.
A tiny town nestled deep in the green land of Heartfordshire, Evermore was in a distant Bristonian land that had been seized and harshly ruled by the Queen of Newland for many years.
“The Queen,” as she was known, drank tea all day whilst reading Agatha Christie novels. She hated whimsical fiction and was robe deep in who-done-it mystery books.
Since The Queen wished to read in pure suspense, the sound of happy children’s laughter really ruffled her royal feathers.
One early morn, a Newland messenger of the Court returned from his travels in Bristonia.
Hoping to score some extra Token points with The Queen, he mentioned, “My Queen! There is a storybook of fairy tales that the children of Evermore, in fair Heartfordshire, draw great pleasure from. I believe that is the sound of laughter that travels over the Isle of Man to interrupt your reading of who-done-its!” Continue reading