Video Bingo Update

vbThank you all for your patience. The team has been working overnight to resolve the recent issues with Video Bingo Deluxe. 

What happened

Yesterday, August 28th, a new theme was inadvertently released for Video Bingo Deluxe entitled “Daub ‘Round the World” on Once this theme was released, the previous “Summer Sizzler” themed game became unavailable.

Once the issue was identified, the “Summer Sizzler” themed game was reintroduced back on the site at around 9:45pm (ET). For those who never played “Daub ‘Round the World,” your progress within the “Summer Sizzler” mini-game is saved as normal. Unfortunately, for those who did play “Daub ‘Round the World,” your progress within the “Summer Sizzler” theme was reset.

For those negatively impacted:

We are very sorry for these recent issues, and the team is reviewing all that happened to ensure that this incident was a one-time occurrence. Also, for those whose progress was reset, we will be crediting 50,000 tokens and 5,000 Oodles within the next 12 hours.

Play the limited-edition Video Bingo Deluxe: Summer Sizzler now!

Go for 5 in a row with Boosts like the Water Balloon Catapult and Seagull. Collect Suns and fill up your Beach Bingo Card for a bonus of 1 MILLION TOKENS in  Video Bingo Deluxe: Summer Sizzler

~Use the Seagull for a guaranteed daub on one random number.
~Launch Water Balloons with the Catapult to score multiple bonus daubs!

Play now – this game is only available through Sept. 1.


Below are screenshots of what the suns and mini-game look like. In this first screenshot you can see I got a sun daub on my third card (B-10). That gave me a red “1” on the Summer Sizzler bar at the top of the page under my Tokens total. Remember, you can click on pictures in Player News to make them pop out larger.
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