Happy Puppy Oodlectible Game – Grumpy Cat Revealed!

If you played the Happy Puppy Oodlectible Game, you may now have a grumpy cat in your Collections Box! If you were lucky, and didn’t purchase puppy #4 that turns into a grumpy cat, look to be rewarded by Sept 12. 

~ Adopt 2 puppies: Score up to 2,500 Oodles and 25,000 Tokens.
~ Adopt 3 puppies: Score up to 5,000 Oodles and 50,000 Tokens.


Happy Puppy Oodlectible Game – But Watch Out For the Grumpy Cat!

These cute things need a home! Redeem Oodles for your favorites here, and add them to your Collections Box on My GSN.

These Oodlectibles are part of the Happy Puppy Game. Three of the four puppies are genuine which will reward Oodles and Tokens, but one will turn into a grumpy cat on 9/10 and cancel all Oodle and Token rewards from this game. 

The more puppies you purchase with your Oodles, the greater your rewards will be. However: This also increases your chance of collecting the grumpy cat. Adopting the same puppy more than once will not increase your reward, so use your Oodles to collect different puppies. Good luck!

~ Adopt 2 puppies: Score up to 2,500 Oodles and 25,000 Tokens.

~ Adopt 3 puppies: Score up to 5,000 Oodles and 50,000 Tokens.

~ Do not adopt all 4 puppies if you want a chance at winning.

Credit will occur within 3 business days after the game ends on 9/9.


Puppy Love Slots, Three Wishes Slots, and American Blackjack Update

betsoft_titles_launch_pr_tracker_270x133We apologize for the difficulties with Puppy Love Slots, Three Wishes Slots, and  American Blackjack.

Because we want to provide you with the best gaming experience, these games will be taken down over the weekend so our game engineers can work on the connecting/loading issues.

We love the enthusiasm you have for these games, and sincerely appreciate your patience while we work on them.

Play Our 3 NEW Games Anywhere!

We’ve got new games! Play at GSN.com or log in with your phone or tablet to play on the go. Spin for big wins in Puppy Love Slots or Three Wishes Slots. If cards is more your style, take on the dealer in American Blackjack.


Here are a few tips for Puppy Love Slots and Three Wishes Slots:

  • These games feature Credits in addition to Tokens. Set the number of Tokens you want to play per Credit, then the number of Credits per line. Ultimately, you are still wagering Tokens just like our other slots games.
  • If the scatter symbol appears in any position on 3 or more reels, it triggers a Free Spin round.
  • Select ‘Skip’ to skip over win celebrations.

And now for the games….

Three Wishes Slots – Let the Genie make your jackpot dreams come true!
Select your paylines and bet per line, then give it a spin! Receive a Magic Carpet on the first reel and the carpet will fly across and squash symbols, creating 5 instant coin wins. Land the Monkey symbol on reel 3 to trigger the Call Me Crazy Bonus! Click symbols around the monkey to reveal prizes. Hit 3 or more Treasure Chests to score free spins. Land on 3 or more Lamps to summon the Genie and get showered with rewards.

Puppy Love Slots – Adopt a pooch and spin for big wins!
Select your paylines and bet per line, then give it a spin! Land on 3 or more Dog Bowl symbols to score free spins. Hit 2 or more Bonus Round symbols on an active payline to travel to the puppy store. Pick out puppies for adoption to earn BONUS TOKENS. Dog Collars count as a WILDs, and can replace any symbol except for Dog Bowl or Bonus Round symbols. They also DOUBLE the payout!

American Blackjack – Take on the dealer at home or on the go!
Select your bet and click deal. Get as close as you can to hitting 21 without going over! If you beat the dealer’s hand, you win your bet.

Please note: These games requires an up-to-date Internet browser. The games will not work on computers using Internet Explorer 7, 8, or 9. If they do not work on your browser, you may want to try using Firefox or Chrome.