Play the New Jackpot Boogie Slots & Redeem a 5,000 Token Promo Code

Keep this party goin’ all night, because Jackpot Boogie Slots is here! Score up to 500X your bet with Disco Dude, Far Out Mama, Party Savers and more. Play now, and shake, shake, shake your way to a payday!

Want to try it out?  Redeem promo code GROOVY on My GSN for 5,000 Tokens on us! Expired Friday, May 8.


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Did You Redeem the 10,000 token Promo Code For Morse Code Day?

Yesterday was Morse Code Day! If you missed this post on the Facebook yesterday,  decode this message  – — -.- . -. …  for a 10,000 Tokens promo code you can enter on My GSN.

HINT: Type, or copy and paste  – — -.- . -. …  into this site to decode it. (No worries if you’re stumped, we’ll post the answer in a few hours or look in comments below.)

ANSWER:  Redeem  promo code: TOKENS

Expires Wednesday, 4/29.


Note: Redeemable only once. If you solved this from Facebook Monday, it won’t work again.



500 Oodles Classic 777 Slots Promo Code TODAY ONLY

classic777_emailWe’re sorry for the promo tracker issues today during the 777 Slots promotion.

The issue has been resolved, and starting tomorrow (Thursday, 4/23) all 500 spins will be tracked. 

As an apology, please accept this 500 Oodles promo code CLASSIC777. You can redeem CLASSIC777 one time on My GSN. Promo code expires TONIGHT (Wednesday, 4/22) at Midnight ET.