GSN ChaChingo Bingo Promo Code

We’re sorry for yesterday’s disruption in play with GSN ChaChingo Bingo. This has been resolved. As an apology, please accept this 5,000 Tokens and 500 Oodles promo code: OOPS

To redeem it, log on to your player name and enter OOPS in the “enter promo” field on My GSN. Expires Sunday, 1/10 at midnight ET. If you‘re still experiencing any difficulties, please reach out to Player Services by clicking on GSN Help at the top of the main page.


Video Bingo Deluxe: The Night B4 Christmas Issue and Promo Code Apology

vbd_fb_640x640We apologize for the issue regarding the  Video Bingo Deluxe: The Night B4 Christmas promotion today. Oodles were not being credited for the 10 games played, which is now resolved. 

As an apology, please accept this 150 Oodles promo code OODLETIME

You can redeem OODLETIME one time on My GSN. Promo code expires Thursday, Dec 31 at Midnight ET

Happy Hour Oodles Promo Code Apology

0We apologize for the Happy Hour issue last night. Our tracker was not counting spins for Christmas in Vegas slots.

We’re not sure how the Grinch did it, but we’ve sent him on his not-so-merry way. Please accept this 400 Oodles promo code: OODLETIME

To redeem it, enter OODLETIME in the “enter promo” field on My GSN. Expires 12/20 Midnight ET. 

Wheels and Deals for Oodles & Tokens This Weekend

It’s all about wheels, deals and a whole lot of Oodles & Tokens. Details on My GSN. Ends 8/9. gsn_email

–      Play 100 spins of any Wheel of Fortune Slots or Deal or No Deal Slots (or a little bit of all!) and we’ll give you 100 Oodles. Repeat up to 3X each day.

–      Wager 50,000 Tokens in any Wheel of Fortune Slots game or Deal or No Deal Slots and we’ll give you a 2,000 Token Rebate. Repeat up to 200 times each day.


Video Bingo Deluxe and a 10,000 Token Promo Code

GSN’s classic Video Bingo Deluxe is back & better than ever. This old favorite still has the best boosts in town like Wild Balls, U-Pick ’em Cards, Bonus Patterns, Extra Patterns, and 3 Extra Balls. Play now before it’s back in GSN’s game vault!

The first 10,000 Tokens is on us. Just go to My GSN and enter WILDBALL in the promo code field. Promo code expires 7/26, Mid ET. 



July Oodlegram Newsletter Update & Special Promo Code

Hello, happy weekend! I hope everyone is staying cool. I can’t believe July is half over! Where has the summer gone?

We wanted to let people know there will be no Oodlegram this month. We have a number of people on summer schedules, as well as out on well-deserved vacations, so some things were not able to be completed as usual. But never fear! I have a two updates to share with you that you’ll enjoy.

MVO_email_podFirst, I’d like to introduce bestbuds2nu2 as July’s Most Valuable Oodler. She’s an avid Oodler who ‘s achieved an impressive milestone. Click here to find out what it is, and please congratulate her as well! 


badgeAlso, there is usually an Oodlectible Bonus in the monthly Oodlegram. This will be changing as of next month. Our design team is reorganizing, and that has placed some projects, such as Oodlectibles, on a temporary hold. Rather than miss out on a badge bonus going forward, we’re going to feature a monthly promo code for 1,000 Oodles exclusive to the Oodlegram – instead. 

Since there is no Oodlegram for July, I can post this month’s promo code on Player News. Go to My GSN to enter the promo code JULYFUN to collect 1,000 Oodles by 7/31. This will be the only time I can post this on Player News, so be sure to sign up for the Oodlegram if you’d like to get the monthly promo code. 

To sign up for the Oodlegram, go to My GSN > My Account > Email Notifications and check the box that says: “Yes, I want to receive e-mails about games, Oodles and Tokens” and then click on “save.”  Also, the Oodlegram is sent to the email you have your account registered under, so be sure to confirm it if you’ve not done so already. There will be a large green  “confirm email” button near the top of the same page that looks like this:


I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I’ll see you Monday! My dog is letting me know it’s time to go play now.  🙂


Issue With Video Bingo Deluxe Promotion and a 25,000 Token Promo Code

vbd_shake_rattle_and_daub_fb_470x246 (1)Thank you for your patience while we investigated why 25,000 Tokens weren’t being paid for every million played in this week’s promotion. The situation has been rectified and correct payouts will start on Wednesday. 

If you have played more than 1 million Tokens so far, you will need to reach out to Player Services for proper credit. To do so, click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. 

As an apology, please accept this 25,000 Tokens promo code: BINGO

To redeem it, enter BINGO in the “enter promo” field on My GSN. Expires 6/25.