Introducing February’s MVO – irish1985

We’re happy to introduce February’s Most Valuable Oodler irish1985! Read about Bonnie’s typical day on GSN. She enjoys strategy games, and shares a few tips with us. 


I was totally surprised that GSNAngel and the GSN Oodles Team asked me to be the MVO this month. There are many loyal GSN gamers here, I’m happy to be one of them. It’s really a neat feeling holding a Golden Oodle that I’ve seen only in pictures. Continue reading

Introducing January’s Most Valuable Oodler

We’re excited to announce doubleduece as our first MVO of 2016! Not only does she have some great tips, she’s also very involved in an online GSN fan group. Read on to learn more! 

MVO pic that I sent to GSN Angel

Oh my goodness, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I got the E-mail from GSNAngel saying I had been chosen as January’s MVO!!!  I read the E-mail three times just to be sure I wasn’t seeing things! lol

Hi everybody!!! My name is Sara and I’m honored beyond words at becoming a member of the MVO family! What a fabulous way to ring in the New Year!!!!!!!!  Before I go any further, I would first like to say: I LOOOOVE MY GOLDEN OODLE!!!!!!!! I was like September’s MVO, jerrykary, the day I got it in the mail! I went running through the house to show it to my husband and all the way up the stairs, I was yelling, “Lookie what I got in the mail today!!!!!”  He later told some friends of ours that I was jumping up and down and squealing like a kid on Christmas morning!!! lol I felt like one too! I wish THIS for each and everyone one of you folks, because I’m here to tell you, it’s quite a rush owning one of these pretty little Golden Oodles!!! I’ve wanted one ever since the very first time I saw an MVO holding one, and happily, I now do! So, the moral of this story is…keep logging into GSN everyday and keep on playing the great games here and one day you just might get a surprise E-mail from GSN Angel too!  Continue reading

Ulysses13 is December’s Merry MVO!

Congratulations to  Ulysses13, our Most Valuable Oodler for December. Here she is pictured with her oldest dog, and the Golden Oodle that will be hung on her Christmas Tree. Read on to learn more about her!


Every morning I grab a cup of coffee and I wake up to It has become a morning ritual to play Bingo Bash where I get to collect my daily login chips, my 1,000 coins for playing in the tournaments, and just enjoy my mornings before the rest of my family gets up and things get hectic. Continue reading

Please Welcome September’s MVO – jerrykary!

Congratulations to jerrykary on being September’s Most Valuable Oodler. She is a fun, enthusiastic player who has a number of tips and tricks to share. Read on to learn more!


Hello to my fellow GSN game players and GSN Team,

My name is Kary and I was chosen MVO for the month of September. What an honor  and great feeling of elation .

When I was notified, I just started running all around the house. You see, our office is adorned with all the wonders of my husband’s accomplishments, Now I have an  award to hang in our office, My Golden Oodle, Now how is that for a “one up on you”! He calls me “MVO” now! This Golden oodle, is heavy, shinny, classy  and beautiful. Continue reading

April Showers Bring May MVOs

Congratulations to iwatchit on being May’s Most Valuable Oodler!  She’s a long time fan of GSN games, and really appreciates how they challenge her mind. Read on to learn more:

WIN_20150428_164156 (2)

Hi all.  My name is Sherrie & I’m one of GSN’s senior citizen players.   It was a delight to hear I’d been chosen for the May 2015 MVO award.  Never thought I would get the coveted golden Oodle & it looks so good amid all my clutter…yes, I’m a bit of a hoarder but not extreme like you see on TV.  My 2 kitties wouldn’t put up with that, for sure.  (Or my landlord, lol.)

Been playing GSN games for a few years now & really appreciate the brain exercise.  Some days’ playing results are better than others, so I try to remind myself that there are lots of players & we all want to win.  Who doesn’t, right?

If you are checking out a new game, be sure to read the overview & how-to-play tips.  Look for icons on the game screen for more helpful info.  It never hurts to review also.  I like to save my Rewards games (from the World Winner part) for Thursdays & Sundays when possible so I’ll have something to play in between Power Hours.  Really appreciate the earlier hours on Sunday!

Always play Cha Chingo Bingo & spin the Wonder Wheel for easy ways to add to your Oodles balance & be patient.  Before you know it, you’ll have enough to bid & win in an auction.  Adding Oodlectibles to your collection is another way to earn surprise bonuses from time to time.  Player News and GSN’s Facebook page are good places to find info about these, as I’m sure Angel has told us before.

Thanks so much & play on!

Introducing March’s Most Valuble Oodler

We’re pleased to announce Pam, A.K.A. cottoncandy3446 as our MVO for March. Pam is thrilled to join the honored ranks of Most Valuble Oodlers! In a happy coincidence, this is also her birth month. Below she is pictured with her granddaughter Sarah, one of her very greatest of treasures.


Please read on to learn more about Pam:

Continue reading

A Merry Congratulations to wakedaddy820, December’s MVO!

wakedaddy820 is December’s Most Valuable Oodler. He called himself the “Oodle Claus” which is really fitting for this festive month! He has some great Oodling tips as well as interesting stories. For the record, *I* was not the one who accidentally banned him, and had forgotten about that until I read it. 😀


Hello fellow Oodlers!  My name is Brad and you know me as wakedaddy820. Here’s a little about me: I have an associates degree in Computer Maintenance & Networking (CMNW) I earned at my local community college over the course of four years, starting in my Junior year of high school as a PSEO-B student (an elective option to take college courses as a high school student tuition-free).   Continue reading

Introducing Loveless6, November’s Most Valuable Oodler

Congratulations to Loveless6, our November MVO. Barbara really enjoys GSN, and we’re thrilled she’s part of the Most Valuable Oodler family. Please read more about her below. You can see why she’s the perfect pick for this most thankful of months! 


Hi my name is Barbara, aka Loveless6. I have been with GSN for around 4 years. I am handicap and I am 73. I have a lot of severe back pain because I have fallen quite a lot. About 6 years ago I had to stay in a nursing home to learn to walk again.  I cannot stand or walk very far even now. Continue reading

Tell Us Why You, Or Someone You Know, Would Make A Good MVO

oodlieHave you heard about our Most Valuable Oodler (MVO) program? Every month the Oodles Team and myself get together and chooses an MVO. Anyone can be a MVO.  We look for active players who love GSN games and who would be a good Oodles ambassador for GSN.

Every MVO gets a limited-edition Golden Oodle (and trust me, they’re VERY cool), as well as 5,000 Oodles. They are also featured in the Monthly Oodlegram, as well as a post here in Players’ Corner.

Examples of recent MVO’s can be found here:

MMWWordGames August 2014
2jellybeans  July 2014 
Mrtony37  June 2014
schaeferdisney May 2014
Jajbo63   April 2014

This month there is no MVO. The people we reached out to never responded, so we decided to take this as an opportunity to ask YOU who should be MVO’s in the future.

You can post in comments below or email me at  Tell us why you,  or someone you know, might be a good candidate for a Most Valuable Oodler Award. We really want to hear about you!