Congratulations To April’s MVO quinnc123

Even though it’s April 1st, there’s no joke here. We’d like to congratulate quinnc123 on being April’s Most Valuable Oodler. He is an avid GSN and game show fan, who has declared 2015 “The Year of the Oodles.” Read more to find out why!


I have been a fan of GSN TV since I was 7 years old. My favorite shows were Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Card Sharks, all versions of Password, and Match Game. Now, I also like Press Your Luck. Continue reading

A Golden Oodle Goes To Israel


If you’ve ever won a prize on GSN, you’ve heard from Grace! She’s the heart and soul of the Oodles Prize Center. In addition to contacting winners and sending prizes, she maintains and runs the prize division. 

Grace went on a pilgrimage to Israel over the holidays and our Golden Oodle accompanied her.

She told us she had a wonderful, spiritual, and inspiring visit. Below are photos Grace wanted to share. Click on them to view larger!  Continue reading

A Merry Congratulations to wakedaddy820, December’s MVO!

wakedaddy820 is December’s Most Valuable Oodler. He called himself the “Oodle Claus” which is really fitting for this festive month! He has some great Oodling tips as well as interesting stories. For the record, *I* was not the one who accidentally banned him, and had forgotten about that until I read it. 😀


Hello fellow Oodlers!  My name is Brad and you know me as wakedaddy820. Here’s a little about me: I have an associates degree in Computer Maintenance & Networking (CMNW) I earned at my local community college over the course of four years, starting in my Junior year of high school as a PSEO-B student (an elective option to take college courses as a high school student tuition-free).   Continue reading

A Golden Oodle Goes To Florida

Recently, Jessica from marketing visited her grandparents in Florida, and brought her trusty Golden Oodle along. Fun fact, her grandparents have four adorable Yorkshire terriers. This is Zac:


What a fun, and huge, chess set!  Who likes to play? Also, can you spot the Golden Oodle? If you click on the picture it will pop out in a larger view:  Continue reading

A Golden Oodle Goes to Sochi!

A very lucky employee is in Sochi this week, and she brought along a Golden Oodle. It looks extra shiny in Russia.:


Here she is in front of the torch. How cool would it be to see this in person?:


An Oodle’s eye view:


Getting ready for USA versus Sweden. (USA won 6-0. Yay!):


Time for a cross country skiing event. What a beautiful view:


We wish her and the Golden Oodle a fabulous time, and thank her for sharing these once in a lifetime pictures with us!