Introducing bunbun71, June’s Most Valuable Oodler

Congratulations to bunbun71, and his adorable side-kick Cisco, on being June’s MVO. Read on to learn more about him, including how he got his unique player name!  

Cisco MVO 3

Greetings GSN Team and Players! 😀

My name is Eric and this is my beloved pet Cisco. We are honored to receive the Golden Oodle and accept the invitation to join the MVO family. We started out playing on GSN Cash Games several years ago and more recently began playing and spinning on GSN too. It’s like having a giant game parlor in the comfort of home! And a truly entertaining way to spend part of my leisure time with Cisco by my side. After several years of practice I have become quite good at my favorite cash game, Wheel of Fortune, so it’s no surprise it has also become my most consistent and biggest Oodle jackpot game too. But I venture into several games regularly like Spliterature, Bejeweled, Swap It  — and I’m so pleased we now have a Swap It for all four seasons! — and for whatever reason I like to save Vegas Nights for a weekend night. It is after all, Vegas Nights! 😉  So that’s my advice… Pick a variety games you really enjoy and take a couple shots (or more!) at each one regularly. Over time you’ll be scoring high on the leader boards and collecting lots of Oodles. I’m currently stockpiling mine, and Cisco’s keeping his paws crossed, for a nice prize one day.

To anyone wondering, Bunbun was the name of my good luck toy as a youngster. 😉 Thanks to everyone at GSN and to all the players who make GSN a fun place to play for cash, oodles, tokens and prizes!


Congratulations To April’s MVO quinnc123

Even though it’s April 1st, there’s no joke here. We’d like to congratulate quinnc123 on being April’s Most Valuable Oodler. He is an avid GSN and game show fan, who has declared 2015 “The Year of the Oodles.” Read more to find out why!


I have been a fan of GSN TV since I was 7 years old. My favorite shows were Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Card Sharks, all versions of Password, and Match Game. Now, I also like Press Your Luck. Continue reading

Introducing March’s Most Valuble Oodler

We’re pleased to announce Pam, A.K.A. cottoncandy3446 as our MVO for March. Pam is thrilled to join the honored ranks of Most Valuble Oodlers! In a happy coincidence, this is also her birth month. Below she is pictured with her granddaughter Sarah, one of her very greatest of treasures.


Please read on to learn more about Pam:

Continue reading

Introducing February’s MVO

Please congratulate Sudasuda, February’s Most Valuable Oodler. Both he and his dog Puppers enjoys the site very much!

Hello to all of the GSN teams and all of the GSN players,
My name is Jeff. I live in Missouri and have been gaming on GSN for around 2 years.
 It is my honor to accept the MVO award for February 2015. The Golden Oodle that was sent to me as a reminder of how much I enjoy this site is so cool. You can see from the picture that my dog, Puppers, enjoys it as much as I do. He is always by my side when I’m playing my favorite GSN games. (Wheel of Fortune Vegas Edition, Lingo, and the Daily Break). This is the first time I have ever won anything on the Internet and I was quite shocked. Thank you GSN of the great site and keep up the good work.



A Merry Congratulations to wakedaddy820, December’s MVO!

wakedaddy820 is December’s Most Valuable Oodler. He called himself the “Oodle Claus” which is really fitting for this festive month! He has some great Oodling tips as well as interesting stories. For the record, *I* was not the one who accidentally banned him, and had forgotten about that until I read it. 😀


Hello fellow Oodlers!  My name is Brad and you know me as wakedaddy820. Here’s a little about me: I have an associates degree in Computer Maintenance & Networking (CMNW) I earned at my local community college over the course of four years, starting in my Junior year of high school as a PSEO-B student (an elective option to take college courses as a high school student tuition-free).   Continue reading

Introducing Loveless6, November’s Most Valuable Oodler

Congratulations to Loveless6, our November MVO. Barbara really enjoys GSN, and we’re thrilled she’s part of the Most Valuable Oodler family. Please read more about her below. You can see why she’s the perfect pick for this most thankful of months! 


Hi my name is Barbara, aka Loveless6. I have been with GSN for around 4 years. I am handicap and I am 73. I have a lot of severe back pain because I have fallen quite a lot. About 6 years ago I had to stay in a nursing home to learn to walk again.  I cannot stand or walk very far even now. Continue reading

Tell Us Why You, Or Someone You Know, Would Make A Good MVO

oodlieHave you heard about our Most Valuable Oodler (MVO) program? Every month the Oodles Team and myself get together and chooses an MVO. Anyone can be a MVO.  We look for active players who love GSN games and who would be a good Oodles ambassador for GSN.

Every MVO gets a limited-edition Golden Oodle (and trust me, they’re VERY cool), as well as 5,000 Oodles. They are also featured in the Monthly Oodlegram, as well as a post here in Players’ Corner.

Examples of recent MVO’s can be found here:

MMWWordGames August 2014
2jellybeans  July 2014 
Mrtony37  June 2014
schaeferdisney May 2014
Jajbo63   April 2014

This month there is no MVO. The people we reached out to never responded, so we decided to take this as an opportunity to ask YOU who should be MVO’s in the future.

You can post in comments below or email me at  Tell us why you,  or someone you know, might be a good candidate for a Most Valuable Oodler Award. We really want to hear about you!

Congratulations MMWWordGames, August’s Most Valuable Oodler!

We’re pleased to announce MMWWordGames as August’s MVO. As his player name suggests, he has a fondness for word games. We really enjoyed reading his story, and so will you! Please read on to learn more about him. 

MMWWordGames for MVO (August 2014)

Greetings, fellow GSN players!  My name is Manuel, better known as “Manny”, and I am truly honored…and surprised…to be counted among the Most Valuable Oodlers.  I haven’t made many appearances on the message boards since joining GSN, so I suppose now is as good a time as any to introduce myself. Continue reading