April’s Most valuable Oodler

Congratulations to billeesmom on being April’s MVO! Read on to see where her Golden Oodle got to visit over spring break.

Note: If you know someone who would make a great MVO, or of you’d like to be one, please drop me an email at gsnangel@gsngames.com 


Thank you for the Golden Oodle and making me April’s MVO!  We took our Oodle along on our spring break trip to California.  This is my son William and I at the largest thermometer in the world at Baker, CA.  It gets pretty hot there but luckily it was only 82F as you can see.  Continue reading

Introducing March’s MVO!

Congratulations to kroknits on being March’s Most Valuable Oodler. Rick has been playing on GSN for 6 years! See what he has to say below:


Hi, my name is Rick and I’m March’s MVO. I’d like to thank everybody for this great honor at GSN. I was shocked when I got the news. I have been playing for Oodles for years and I enjoy playing my favorite game Deal Or No Deal Slots every day. I’m a salt water designer clown fish breeder and in between taking care of my clown fish babies and my new Bichon puppy PEPPER (in the picture with my Golden Oodle), I can be found playing my favorite games on GSN.

This is my strategy for getting high amounts and getting to the banker cases. I pick a case such as case 12. I pick case 13, and case 11, so I know if case 12 is gonna be a high or low amount. Usually I’m good guessing at this method. Every time I hit and take the deal when I’m sweating, my puppy PEPPER starts barking like crazy, saying daddy take the deal, take the deal, and I give him a treat when I take the deal usually in the millions – talk about a smart Bichon Frise!

Playing the daily challenges games and racking up the Oodles, secret words, Wonder Wheel, daily bonuses, and other secret deals really amounts up to alot of Oodles at the end of the year. I reached my 1 million mark now after I have been playing 6 years. I wish they would bring the TVs back so I can bid on them again. That’s what I’m saving my Oodles for. I need a new one but this is a wonderful site, great games, and very friendly people. I belong to the GSN fellow oodlers chatters – great bunch of people and helpful. So thanks again for a great GOLDEN OODLE, I HAVE IT IN ON MY DESK. Keep Oodling, you never know what you’re gonna hit next.

God bless – Rick W.  from Pottsville Pennsylvania

Introducing February’s MVO – irish1985

We’re happy to introduce February’s Most Valuable Oodler irish1985! Read about Bonnie’s typical day on GSN. She enjoys strategy games, and shares a few tips with us. 


I was totally surprised that GSNAngel and the GSN Oodles Team asked me to be the MVO this month. There are many loyal GSN gamers here, I’m happy to be one of them. It’s really a neat feeling holding a Golden Oodle that I’ve seen only in pictures. Continue reading

Introducing January’s Most Valuable Oodler

We’re excited to announce doubleduece as our first MVO of 2016! Not only does she have some great tips, she’s also very involved in an online GSN fan group. Read on to learn more! 

MVO pic that I sent to GSN Angel

Oh my goodness, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I got the E-mail from GSNAngel saying I had been chosen as January’s MVO!!!  I read the E-mail three times just to be sure I wasn’t seeing things! lol

Hi everybody!!! My name is Sara and I’m honored beyond words at becoming a member of the MVO family! What a fabulous way to ring in the New Year!!!!!!!!  Before I go any further, I would first like to say: I LOOOOVE MY GOLDEN OODLE!!!!!!!! I was like September’s MVO, jerrykary, the day I got it in the mail! I went running through the house to show it to my husband and all the way up the stairs, I was yelling, “Lookie what I got in the mail today!!!!!”  He later told some friends of ours that I was jumping up and down and squealing like a kid on Christmas morning!!! lol I felt like one too! I wish THIS for each and everyone one of you folks, because I’m here to tell you, it’s quite a rush owning one of these pretty little Golden Oodles!!! I’ve wanted one ever since the very first time I saw an MVO holding one, and happily, I now do! So, the moral of this story is…keep logging into GSN everyday and keep on playing the great games here and one day you just might get a surprise E-mail from GSN Angel too!  Continue reading

Ulysses13 is December’s Merry MVO!

Congratulations to  Ulysses13, our Most Valuable Oodler for December. Here she is pictured with her oldest dog, and the Golden Oodle that will be hung on her Christmas Tree. Read on to learn more about her!


Every morning I grab a cup of coffee and I wake up to GSN.com. It has become a morning ritual to play Bingo Bash where I get to collect my daily login chips, my 1,000 coins for playing in the tournaments, and just enjoy my mornings before the rest of my family gets up and things get hectic. Continue reading

November’s MVO is mexicansuzita!

Congratulations to mexicansuzita, November’s Most Valuable Oodler. With Oodle in hand, she tells us her GSN story, and shares an entertaining story about a reaction her husband had after she won a $250 Sweepstakes!


Hi Everyone!

My name is Susan and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I am November’s MVO!!  What a HUGE surprise and honor to be able to say that!!  Let me start first by saying that I am a huge fan of The GSN Channel.  Watching that channel sparked my curiosity about the website so I thought I’d try it out.  Continue reading

Introducing October’s MVO – ndmagic!

It’s no trick! Congratulations to ndmagic on being October’s Most Valuable Oodler. We’re excited to introduce this fun and enthusiastic player to you. Read on to learn more about her. Prepare to be charmed! 


Greetings, from a place you’ve never been…..North Dakota!!
One n’all come visit legendary North Dakota
Where the Treats are plentiful n Tricks few —
The 3rd of the 4 seasons as leaves begin their magical dance
Wide open spaces for the upcoming corn mazes, Grampas Punkin Patch or Boo at the Zoo — like GSN, it’s just waiting for you
Continue reading

Please Welcome September’s MVO – jerrykary!

Congratulations to jerrykary on being September’s Most Valuable Oodler. She is a fun, enthusiastic player who has a number of tips and tricks to share. Read on to learn more!


Hello to my fellow GSN game players and GSN Team,

My name is Kary and I was chosen MVO for the month of September. What an honor  and great feeling of elation .

When I was notified, I just started running all around the house. You see, our office is adorned with all the wonders of my husband’s accomplishments, Now I have an  award to hang in our office, My Golden Oodle, Now how is that for a “one up on you”! He calls me “MVO” now! This Golden oodle, is heavy, shinny, classy  and beautiful. Continue reading

Introducing August’s Most Valuable Oodler – jamesskd.myp1

Congratulations to jamesskd.myp1, our August MVO! Jim and his Golden Oodle are pictured with Mahjong Alchemy in the background, one of his favorite GSN games. Read on to learn more:


I’m Jim.  I survived cancer and its treatments in 2011. I live on Social Security Disability and have loads of free time seeing as how I don’t work. I spend a portion of that free time here. This time spent here has paid off well with gift cards, magazine subscriptions and now this recognition. Furthermore I enjoy playing the games. What a great site! I hope you have a great time here as well.

Break Out the Fireworks for July’s Most Valuable Oodler!

Congratulations to bestbuds2nu2, July’s MVO! She’s an avid Oodler who ‘s achieved an impressive milestone. Read on to find out what it is. She’s also shared some great tips as well as a little about herself. 

Untitled picture

Hi everyone!

My name is Roxanne and I am thrilled and honored to be July’s MVO.

I am a mother of 4 and a Grandmother of 1.
I have 2 cats, 3 dogs, 50 chickens and some tropical fish.
I love swimming, cooking, gardening, working with stained glass,
playing on GSN and of course my supportive husband. Continue reading