April Showers Bring May MVOs

Congratulations to iwatchit on being May’s Most Valuable Oodler!  She’s a long time fan of GSN games, and really appreciates how they challenge her mind. Read on to learn more:

WIN_20150428_164156 (2)

Hi all.  My name is Sherrie & I’m one of GSN’s senior citizen players.   It was a delight to hear I’d been chosen for the May 2015 MVO award.  Never thought I would get the coveted golden Oodle & it looks so good amid all my clutter…yes, I’m a bit of a hoarder but not extreme like you see on TV.  My 2 kitties wouldn’t put up with that, for sure.  (Or my landlord, lol.)

Been playing GSN games for a few years now & really appreciate the brain exercise.  Some days’ playing results are better than others, so I try to remind myself that there are lots of players & we all want to win.  Who doesn’t, right?

If you are checking out a new game, be sure to read the overview & how-to-play tips.  Look for icons on the game screen for more helpful info.  It never hurts to review also.  I like to save my Rewards games (from the World Winner part) for Thursdays & Sundays when possible so I’ll have something to play in between Power Hours.  Really appreciate the earlier hours on Sunday!

Always play Cha Chingo Bingo & spin the Wonder Wheel for easy ways to add to your Oodles balance & be patient.  Before you know it, you’ll have enough to bid & win in an auction.  Adding Oodlectibles to your collection is another way to earn surprise bonuses from time to time.  Player News and GSN’s Facebook page are good places to find info about these, as I’m sure Angel has told us before.

Thanks so much & play on!