Introducing bunbun71, June’s Most Valuable Oodler

Congratulations to bunbun71, and his adorable side-kick Cisco, on being June’s MVO. Read on to learn more about him, including how he got his unique player name!  

Cisco MVO 3

Greetings GSN Team and Players! 😀

My name is Eric and this is my beloved pet Cisco. We are honored to receive the Golden Oodle and accept the invitation to join the MVO family. We started out playing on GSN Cash Games several years ago and more recently began playing and spinning on GSN too. It’s like having a giant game parlor in the comfort of home! And a truly entertaining way to spend part of my leisure time with Cisco by my side. After several years of practice I have become quite good at my favorite cash game, Wheel of Fortune, so it’s no surprise it has also become my most consistent and biggest Oodle jackpot game too. But I venture into several games regularly like Spliterature, Bejeweled, Swap It  — and I’m so pleased we now have a Swap It for all four seasons! — and for whatever reason I like to save Vegas Nights for a weekend night. It is after all, Vegas Nights! 😉  So that’s my advice… Pick a variety games you really enjoy and take a couple shots (or more!) at each one regularly. Over time you’ll be scoring high on the leader boards and collecting lots of Oodles. I’m currently stockpiling mine, and Cisco’s keeping his paws crossed, for a nice prize one day.

To anyone wondering, Bunbun was the name of my good luck toy as a youngster. 😉 Thanks to everyone at GSN and to all the players who make GSN a fun place to play for cash, oodles, tokens and prizes!


June’s Most Valuable Oodler

Congratulations to mrtony307, June’s Most Valuable Oodler! Tony is a longtime fan of GSN Games, and enjoys a number of our games. We see he has a birthday this month, so we’re especially happy he’s our newest MVO. We’d like to let him know we’re very sorry for the loss of his parents, and wish him the best for 2014. 

Tony With His Golden Oodle

To learn more about Tony, read on: 

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