New GSN Help Coming Soon

Big_News_clip_art_88125135_std.329233502_std-240x300In the coming days, a brand new help experience will be released on and GSN Cash Games (Web and Mobile). Here’s a glimpse into the improvements:

– Updated look and feel

– Easier to read FAQs (no squinting necessary!)

– Simplified Inquiry Forms

– Ability to Contact Support without being logged in (for all you frequent password forgetters out there!)

– Improved tracking for bugs/issues

– Help access points for other popular GSN Games (GSN Casino, Solitaire Tripeaks, Bingo Bash, GSN TV…)

Changes to note:  Continue reading

Contact Player Services Link Unavailable Tuesday 3/17 from 6:00am ET – 3pm ET

GSN Help Outage 3/17 from 6AM-3PM (EST): Our support portal provider, Parature, will be updating their systems. During this time, the Cash Games support portal will be completely unavailable so you will not have access to Frequently Asked Questions or to the inquiry form available through the Contact Player Services link during this outage. If you need assistance, please email the support team directly by emailing Your patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated during this time. Please note that the outage timeframe may vary.


Daily Break Issues

DailybreakA message from Player Services:

Please accept our apologies for any difficulties or inconvenience with the Daily Break. Our site engineers have confirmed that this issue has been resolved for users accessing the site using the Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome web browsers. Unfortunately, the issue still exists for users accessing the site using Internet Explorer and is currently being investigated.

While we do not have a definite time frame as to when it will be resolved, we expect to be resolved in the near future.  Continue reading

Trouble Playing Treasures of Cleopatra Slots? Please Read

treasures_of_cleopatra_slots_pr_tracker_270x133We sincerely apologize if you’re having trouble accessing Treasures of Cleopatra SlotsThis is being looked in to, but in the meantime there are a couple things you can try that’s proven successful for others. 

You can first try logging out of, close and reopen your browser, and then log back in. Be sure to actually close and re-open your browser window, not just log out.

If that is not successful, please try clearing your browser cache. You can find information on how to do that here.

Again, know we’re investigating this. We may have a rogue mummy on the loose, and we’ll try to tie up these loose ends as quickly as possible…  Get it? Tie up loose ends? Mummy wrappings?  No?    *cricket chirps*

Update to “Remember Me” Button

gsnRecently we introduced the “Remember Me” button under your password on the login screen. We did make a small change by having the checkbox automatically checked for you when you log in. If you prefer not to have the site remember you, just uncheck the box before you log in.   

We recommend you not use this option on public or shared computers.  If you share your computer with other family members and do use this option, be sure to click on the “log out” link in the upper right hand corner of the screen when you’re finished with your session. That way, the next person to log in won’t be doing so under your name. 

For security reasons, you will still get prompted to verify your identity by entering your password if it’s been two weeks since you last logged in and at certain points in the site such as:

  • Going to Cash Games
  • Accessing My Account
  • Making a purchase (either on the web or in the game)

The “Remember Me” function will only work if you have cookies enabled. Clearing cookies will also clear “Remember Me”.

Oodles 101

Are you new to GSN and Oodles? Do you have Oodle-related questions such as how to win them, or redeem them for prizes? If so, please read on to find out all about Oodles!


1. What’s an Oodle?

Oodles are GSN’s winnable, spendable, and oh-so-fun-to-say currency! There are tons of ways to win Oodles and you can redeem them in the Prize Center.

2. How can I earn Oodles? Continue reading

Need Help? Please Read

Hello everyone!

We have noticed many people posting they’re having issues with games, or have not been credited Oodles or Tokens. Please remember you need to contact Player Services to get proper support or credit. You can do so by clicking on Help Center under “Contact Support” on this page, or by clicking on GSN Help on the main page, and then clicking Contact Player Services. Be sure you are logged in to your user name, otherwise you’ll only see the FAQs and not the Contact Player Services link.