Daily Break Unavailable This Weekend

DailybreakThe Daily Break has been temporarily disabled from the site for the weekend since it is not working correctly. There is no need to contact Player Services.

It is NOT gone permanently. Daily Break updated their platform last week which has caused continuing issues for our players.  We hope to re-enable Daily Break once we receive confirmation from them that these issues have definitely been resolved.

Players were credited today at 5:05am ET for 5/9, so awards are up to date. 

Please do not worry about lost Oodles. I’m sure a new promo code will be available next week to cover the down time. If you’ve not collected yesterday’s Oodles promo code yet, you can find it here. Again, I’m very sorry for the disruption to your game play. 

Bingo America – Important Update

We’ll be saying goodbye to Bingo America on September 16 so we can make room for new, fun games. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of bingo to go around. Hit the beach with Video Bingo Deluxe or try to land a GSN ChaChingo Bingo cash jackpot. Rodney R. from Lebanon, TX won $11,568 last month, and Herbert R. Fredricktown, MO won $5,100 this month! Play for free now. For those of you who have accumulated prize money that has not yet been paid out, we will follow up with you in the next few weeks.