Free Oodles and Token Video Issues Being Looked In To

We’re very sorry for the issues with the Oodles Chest and Token Monkey lately. These are being looked in to, but a number of the problems seem to be on the provider’s end with bad ads in the rotation. We’re working with the company to figure out a way to track these down and remove them so videos play properly.


Oodletorial – Promo Codes

promo1lNot only is it Friday, it’s also the end of the month. Spring is just around the corner! Has it been a long, cold winter where you live too? I know some areas of the country have been downright frigid. 

This week we started a new promo code feature. We kicked it off with an offer of 5,000 free Tokens! If you haven’t collected them yet, read how to do it here. The 5,000 free Tokens are available until 3/5. We’ve also had a few questions relating to promo codes. To find out what these are, as well as the answers, keep reading:  Continue reading

New Promo Code Feature!

We know you love special deals and bonuses, so we’ve created a NEW way to earn MORE – promo codes! Try it out and score 5,000 FREE Tokens right now: Simply go to My GSN and enter the promo code 5KFree by 3/5/2014  (expired now). More promo codes are on the way, so be sure to keep checking your email, @GSNcomGames on Twitter, and Games on Facebook for more offers.


Continue reading for more details: 

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NEW: Bigger Daily Bonuses!

As we were testing it, a few people have been seeing this over the holidays instead of the daily Token spinner, but starting tomorrow everyone gets it. We know you love free Tokens, so we’re giving you MORE – just for logging in to! Check out the bigger and better Daily Bonus.

  • Earn at least 15,000 Tokens each day you keep your daily login streak going.*** 
  • Get a better chance for a bigger bonus with each consecutive login. You could bank hundreds of thousands of Tokens!

* Please note, If you miss logging in to one day, the next time you log in you will get 0 Tokens, so don’t forget to login to your user name!

***  For transparency sake, I’ve been asked to update this post (we try to do this when there are any changes):

“There is no longer a minimum payout of 15,000 Tokens for the Daily Bonus. The minimum and maximum payouts and probabilities may fluctuate in order to provide an exciting experience while maintaining the Token economy.

For example, we may decrease the minimum payout to 7,500 Tokens, but double the chances of winning one hundred thousand Tokens. In any case, the Daily Bonus does continue to pay out more than the previous Daily Spinner, and we anticipate that there will be little overall change to your free Token experience.”