Easter Egg Oodlectible Hunt Results

The Easter Egg Oodlectible Hunt is complete! The pink egg has turned rotten, so if you did NOT get a pink egg, you scored Oodles and Tokens:

Untitled picture1

* If you collected a pink egg, all winnings are voided.

* If you collected 1 Easter egg, either yellow or blue, you won: 5,000 Oodles and 15,000 Tokens.

* If you collected 2 Easter eggs (yellow and blue) you won: 15,000 Oodles and 50,000 Tokens.

Credits should happen by end of day on Friday, if not sooner. Congratulations Yellow and Blue! 

Easter Weekend Special – Apology Promo Code For 300 Oodles

easter_email_600x175_vbdWe’re very sorry for this weekend’s Easter Weekend Special Casino issue.This should now be resolved, but we know you missed out on two days of the Oodles promotion. 

Please accept this promo code as our apology: EASTERWEEKEND300. You can redeem the code here for 300 Oodles. Please redeem soon as it expires Thursday night (4/24) at 11:59pm ET. May be redeemed only once. 

If you are still having issues loading the games, please try clearing your browser cashe and cookies. If that does not work, contact Player Services under Help on the main GSN.com page. 

Let them know what browser and operating system you’re using, as well as what you’re playing on (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc). This information helps ops troubleshoot. If you’re uncertain what operating system you use, you can check at this link.

Again, our sincerest apologies. We hope you had a great weekend otherwise! 

Oodletorial – Easter Weekend

easter_eggs_fbI’d like to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday weekend for those celebrating Easter and Passover! Tell me in comments what your family traditions are.

We’ve had another fun week on GSN, with exciting promotions. My favorite day was Thursday. We had a new one day promo code, Power Hours, and the end of spin-a-thon. It felt like a party!

I wanted to touch base tonight and let you know what’s happening this weekend if you’ve missed any updates. Please see the following:  Continue reading

Easter Egg Oodlectible Hunt

The hunt is on! Collect Easter Egg Oodlectibles for a chance to win up to 15,000 Oodles, and 50,000 Tokens.


Three beautiful Easter Egg Oodlectibles located here were dyed and painted by our talented designers. 

These Oodlectibles are part of the Easter Egg Hunt. Two of the three eggs are fresh and will reward Oodles and Tokens, but one will rot on 4/24 and cancel all rewards from this game, so be careful!  Continue reading