Diamond Royale Slots Promo Code

starterWe apologize for the issue during the Diamond Royale Slots promotion on Sunday. I promise this was not a deliberate trick for Halloween month!

As an apology, please accept this 150 Oodles & 2,000 Tokens promo code DIAMOND. You can redeem DIAMOND one time on My GSN. Promo code expires Wednesday 10/8 at Midnight ET.

The Diamond Royale Slots promotion runs through Tuesaday, so be sure to play for 150 Oodles and 2,000 Tokens! Details here.

Diamond Hunt Oodlectible Game

The winning Oodlectible in the  Diamond Hunt Oodlectible Game has an animated spotlight and shines on the coal, which shows a diamond poking out of the side that sparkles. Here is a screenshot of it:  


If you have one or more of these animated Oodlectibles in your collections box, you will be credited in accordance with the rules. The prize team is having technical difficulties with the crediting tool though, and people will probably not be credited until Wednesday. Thank you for your patience!


10,000 Tokens Diamond Royale Slots

It’s a deal fit for a king. Check out the NEW Diamond Royale Slots and pocket up to 60,000 Tokens when you play today through Wednesday: 

– November 22: Play 100 spins and get 10,000 Tokens
– November 23: Play 100 spins and get 10,000 Tokens
– November 24: Play 100 spins and get 10,000 Tokens
– November 25: Play 100 spins and get 10,000 Tokens
– November 26: Play 100 spins and get 10,000 Tokens
– November 27: Play 100 spins and get 10,000 Tokens


New: Diamond Royale Slots!

Want to rule the reels? Play for a supersized Token payout in our new game, Diamond Royale Slots! Just spin and watch the diamonds fly.

 Tips & Tricks

  • Land on 3 mini-game symbols to play the Choose a Door mini-game.
  • In the Choose a Door mini-game, the bonus multiplier applies not just to your bet per line, but to your total bet. Increase your number of paylines to get the most out of the mini-game.
  • WILDs chain together huge jackpots! They can replace any symbol except the mini-game symbol.