A Merry Congratulations to wakedaddy820, December’s MVO!

wakedaddy820 is December’s Most Valuable Oodler. He called himself the “Oodle Claus” which is really fitting for this festive month! He has some great Oodling tips as well as interesting stories. For the record, *I* was not the one who accidentally banned him, and had forgotten about that until I read it. 😀


Hello fellow Oodlers!  My name is Brad and you know me as wakedaddy820. Here’s a little about me: I have an associates degree in Computer Maintenance & Networking (CMNW) I earned at my local community college over the course of four years, starting in my Junior year of high school as a PSEO-B student (an elective option to take college courses as a high school student tuition-free).   Continue reading

A Merry Congratulations to December’s Most Valuable Oodler!

Congrats to Jim, December’s Most Valuable Oodler! We thought his username, jjsanta, would be a fun tie-in to the month, so we dashed through the snow in our one horse open sleigh to get him. Jim is a helpful and informative member, and definitely on Santa’s nice list. On the old message board, he maintained a Daily Break thread where he continues to assist people on the GSN Games Facebook page and on Player News.


To learn more about Jim, and get some good game tips, read on!  Continue reading