Oodletunity + Promo Code = WHEELDEAL!

Ready to unlock your next Oodletunity? Go to My GSN and enter the promo code WHEELDEAL. Quick, this offer ends March 9. Valid one per player. 


UPDATED:  We apologize for the confusion. This promo code unlocks an Oodletunity. To get your 100 Oodles, please scroll down and look in your active promotions under My GSN. There you will see  “You’ve unlocked an Oodletunity! Play 50 spins of Wheel of Fortune Slots or Deal or No Deal Slots and score 100 Oodles.”

This Oodletunity is a two step process, which is why there are two counters. The first one shows completed, as the first step was entering the promo code and activating the Oodletunity. The second step is the counter for the spins.


You have to do the 50 spins to complete this promo and collect your 100 Oodles. If the counter is not reflecting the number of spins you did, refreshing the page should update the counter.

Need to know how promo codes work? Click here.

500 Oodles with 500 spins in Wheel of Fortune Slots

We’ve got a special offer for you, and it’s HUGE. Check out the Friendly Giant Deal to pocket up to 1.5 MILLION Tokens and 1,500 Oodles:

  • Get 50,000 EXTRA Tokens for every 5 million played in Wheel of Fortune Slots, repeatable 10 times a day each day 2/25-2/27.
  • Score 500 Oodles with 500 spins. Repeat each day 2/25-2/27.

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