Groundhog Oodlectible Game

Update: Phil saw his shadow, so 6 more weeks of winter! Tokens were awarded on 2/3.

Think the groundhog (Punxsutawney Phil) will see his shadow? Win 15,000 Tokens with the correct choice!

A: Click here if you think the groundhog will see his shadow. 

B: Click here if you think the groundhog will NOT see his shadow. 

Do not pick both Oodlectibles if you want a chance to win Tokens, they cancel each other out. Also, don’t pick more than one, you will still only get one Tokens award.  This Oodlectible game ends on 2/1. Tokens will be awarded 2 business days after Groundhog Day, which is 2/2. 


Happy Veterans Day!

Today  we honor and thank all who have served, as well as thank the families of our service members for their own sacrifices.


Today, many restaurants are offering military veterans and active-duty service members a free meal or discount as a thank you. Check them out here: 2014 Veterans Day Free Meals and Discounts

Also, the Veterans Day Oodlectible ends today. If you’ve not got yours yet, be sure to do so soon!




Happy Mother’s Day! Get Your 10,000 Tokens Promo Code Here

A little birdie named Corkie67 told me there was a promo code for Mother’s Day. It’s MOMSR0CK. Redeem it one time only on My GSN for 10,000 Tokens. Ends at Midnight ET. (disclaimer, I didn’t get this mailing. If it ends on a different day let me know in comments below)

Occasionally has special promo codes for those subscribing to the mailings (always read the fine print!). Generally they are not posted here. To get  in on these special promo codes, make sure you are subscribed. You can do so by going to My GSN >My Account and checking the boxes under email notifications.