Win 5,000 Tokens in the New Trivia Champion Oodlectible Game!

The correct answer was:  B: Ketchup. If you redeemed Trivia Champion Oodlectible Game B, you were credited on 7/27.

Answer the trivia question by purchasing the corresponding Trivia Champion Oodlectible in the Prize Center. Win 5,000 Tokens with the correct choice!

Question: Which condiment was sold as a medicine in the 1830s?

A: Relish – Click here to answer A.
B: Ketchup –  Click here to answer B.

Do NOT pick both A and B if you want to win Tokens! They cancel each other out. Also, more than one of the same letter will not earn extra Tokens, so don’t redeem the same Oodlectible multiple times. Ends 7/26. Tokens will be awarded on 7/27.