500 Oodles Promo Code Daily Break

DailybreakWe apologize for the confusion surrounding yesterday’s Daily Break. We know it was not loading for some people, and that’s being investigated.

We also would like to remind people the Daily Break is not around every day, and will only be available as special sponsored events.

We’ll try to get the word out beforehand, such as the day before, so people know when to expect it. Thank you for your continued patience, and please accept this 500 Oodles promo code: DAILYBREAK. Redeem on My GSN. Expires 3/6.



Earn 600 Oodles in Today’s Daily Break!

Throwback Thursdays, sponsored by Tylenol! The ’60s are up first. Put your knowledge of 1960’s TV shows to the test in today’s Daily Break. You’ll even score 600 Oodles – groovy!

Note: This appeared briefly this morning but was not working. Even if you played the Friends Daily Break earlier for 75 Oodles, you can still play this. Be sure to click the link above, OR click the link on the main GSN.com page under “Ways to Win Today” to get this opportunity.