Naturalicious Daily Auction

With Naturalicious, say goodbye to all-day hair care sessions and indulge your tresses in the first ever 30 day, all-you-need natural hair care system developed specifically for curly hair. Winners will receive one OooLaLocks Hair Box. Use your Oodles to bid here through 11/17.

Please visit Naturalicious to check out their natural products and support our sponsor! 


Zoku Quick Pop Maker Auction

Zoku freezes ice pops without electricity!


This patented, revolutionary gadget freezes three ice pops at a time in minutes on your countertop, without electricity. Unlimited creative options for spur-of-the-moment frozen treats. BPA and phthalate free! Each winner will receive one Zoku Quick Pop Maker. The auction ends 10/18. Bid here now. You can also read a review from a member of our product team!

Please visit Zoku to check out their cool products and support our sponsor! 


24 Hour Game Credits Turbo Auction

Got Oodles? Are you a GSN Cash Player? Then you’ve got a golden opportunity. Bid here with just 25 Oodles in today’s Game Credits Turbo Auction for a chance at $15 in Game Credits. Drawings are every hour until midnight ET and if you don’t win, you’ll keep your Oodles!

Game Credits will be awarded to your account within 5 business days after win.


Hourly 10,000 Rewards Points Auction!

Got Oodles and a GSN Games Cash Account? Then you can get Rewards Points! Enter the Monday Mania Rewards Points Auction and bid on a whopping 10,000 Rewards Points every hour. We’re giving out 240,000 Rewards Points before midnight ET – don’t miss out on your chance! Bid now

Note: Rewards Points will be awarded to your account within 5 business days after win.


Daily Auction – Fiafini Skincare

Sometimes life is complicated. Fiafini Skincare is not.

The 3 Piece Collection contains everything you need for your daily skin regime. The Divine Hydration Moisturizer hydrates while providing anti-aging benefits, the Delicate Cleansing Emulsion gently removes makeup and dirt while leaving the skin nourished and radiant, and the Deluxe Anti-Aging Eye Cream addresses all the visible signs of aging while keeping delicate skin hydrated and firm. Bid daily here through 6/28.


Daily Auction: Little Yoga Cushion

The patented Little Yoga Cushion, with its unique, ergonomic shape, was designed to be the perfect yoga accessory. It enhances many yoga poses by making them more comfortable. You’ll be able to stay in each pose longer, getting better results. Each winner will receive the red cushion with black storage case. Bid on it here through 6/20.


Oodletorial – Auctions, and Sweepstakes, and Prizes, Oh My!

Happy Friday! I had a recent request from robovendor to do an Oodletorial on how the Auctions and Sweepstakes work in the Prize Center If this is something you’re interested in, hop into the Oodlemobile, and buckle up while we take a quick tour. Please be sure to keep hands and feet in the vehicle at all times. 😉

First stop is the Prize Center page. You can find it under the Prize tab on, and it will look like this. You can use the arrow at the right hand side of the page to browse  top items:


Further down on the page you can see more prizes, recent winners, and posts from the Games Twitter feed. There’s also a view all winners link that’s updated daily:


On the left hand side of the page you will see three tabs to click on:

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Daily Auction – Eileen’s Bowling Buddy

Great athletes have great feel and for years people have said it could not be trained. Eileen’s Bowling Buddy have proven that theory wrong – here’s the product that will prove it to you. The winner will receive a Swing Training Pin! Runs from 5/9-5/15. Bid here


Want to learn more? Watch the following video: Why use Eileen’s Bowling Buddy