Weekly Oodles Play Promos Changes as of Monday 5/5/19

We want to update our GSN community that we have to make some changes to our Oodles game play promotions. We have run into technical issues with the following:
– Weekly Play Promos
– Thursday Power Hour
– Sunday Happy Hour

As a result, we need to discontinue these  indefinitely. We apologize for the inconvenience. We know your Oodles are important to you, and we’re going to make sure you continue to get them every week.

Starting tomorrow we will be posting a weekly Oodles promo code to Player News. I’m told there will  be more Oodles available in the promo code than all of the weekly game play promos combined!  There will be a some free Tokens as well, so please be sure to stop by and redeem each week’s new promo code!

Sunday Happy Hour

Sunday Happy Hour starts at 5pm ET! Play just 50 spins of ANY slots game each hour and get 100 Oodles and 1,000 Tokens! Hurry, the party ends at 9PM ET.
Details on My GSN after 5pm ET. 

PS. Be sure to come back for a little late night fun during Thursday Power Hours from 9pm ET to 2am ET!