Play Monster Mansion Video Bingo Deluxe for a Limited Time Only!

Score over a million Tokens with Video Bingo Deluxe: Monster Mansion! Collect Skeleton Keys as you round up Monsters like mummies, werewolves, and witches. Play for free now – this limited-edition bingo game won’t be around for long. 

How to Play

Select up to 4 cards and place your bet per card. Score bingo by daubing 5 numbers in a row in any direction.

Skeleton Keys are randomly placed on cards. Daub to collect them.

To use your Skeleton Keys, click the Monster Mansion button in the upper right corner and unlock a door. Doors can hide bonus Tokens, a small bundle of Skeleton Keys, or Monsters.

When you capture a Monster, its image will appear in the Portrait Gallery. Once all the monsters in a group are collected, you’ll score a Token reward.

Use the Raven for a guaranteed daub on one random number. Release the Bats to score bonus daubs!

For a virtual tour of the game, watch this spooktacular video below:   Continue reading

Weekly Prize Center & Sweeps Winners 9/9/2019- 9/15/2019

$25 Amazon Gift Card Auction Winners

15-Sep charcnc Bid 985,000
15-Sep mmmsass Bid 855699
15-Sep gysx.myp Bid 850005
15-Sep sikukq.myp Bid 838000
15-Sep xvdw03s Bid 827599
15-Sep dougbnj2 Bid 825000
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$50 Amazon Sweepstakes Winners

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Daily 100,000 Tokens Sweepstakes Winners

9-September pat2grant
10-September nich750
11-September ouivette
12-September jinntd3250
13-September nich750
14-September Larrio
15-September sbruder

Weekly 500,000 Tokens Sweepstakes Winner

15-Sep siveytree

Weekly Game Credit Sweeps Winners

15-Sep therlyn.ids $100
15-Sep darlarolls $75
15-Sep sarapck.myp $25