Play Video Bingo Deluxe: Shamrocks and Shenanigans

Thank the lucky rainbows you’re here! We found a group of leprechauns with pots FULL o’ Tokens in Video Bingo Deluxe: Shamrocks and Shenanigans. Daub to trace their steps and pocket 1 MILLION Tokens when you complete the journey.

Let’s get started – Watch the video below and play now. Video Bingo Deluxe: Shamrocks and Shenanigans won’t be around for long.

How to Play

Select up to 4 cards and place your bet per card. Score bingo by daubing 5 numbers in a row in any direction.

Earn Shamrocks to travel between destinations. Score 1 Shamrock for each daub, 3 Shamrocks for a daub with any Prize Ball, and 25 Shamrocks with each Bingo. When you reach your final destination, you’ll score 1 MILLION Tokens!

Click on the Shamrock icon in the top right corner to open the map and check your progress.

Flip the Magic Shilling for a guaranteed daub on one random number.

Use Reilly Rider to score multiple bonus daubs on each card in play!

Map Progression

  1. Finley Fungus – 1,000 Tokens
  2. Patrick Puffle – 2,000 Tokens
  3. Torin Thunderbelly – 5,000 Tokens
  4. Daisy Dewdrop – 10,000 Tokens
  5. Granny Greenleaf – 25,000 Tokens
  6. Fiona Flatley – 50,000 Tokens
  7. Cillian Cobblewink – 100,000 Tokens
  8. Whiskey William – 250,000 Tokens
  9. Alistair, the Leprechaun King – 1,000,000 Tokens

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