Important Announcement: A New Experience Coming Soon

Please read this important announcement made by the Team today. We know many people will be very disappointed, especially our Oodlers, and we totally understand. I have loved working with you over the past 18 years and I’m sad too. Please know I am working on an FAQ to follow, so you can screenshot your Oodlectibles and save them to your own computer before March 29. I hope to have that available soon for you:

Since 2001, has been a fun-filled destination for casino and Oodle fans around the world. And while we’ve enjoyed every minute, we’ve decided to embark on a new chapter.

On March 31, 2020, will begin hosting an exciting new suite of games. Unfortunately, many current features and games will be retired, including the Oodles program and GSN ChaChingo Bingo. While we truly understand any disappointment and frustration, we’re also thrilled to bring you a new experience.

In addition to the following info, you can view more details here.

Your account & games

  • Your login credentials will work as normal after 3/31. Your account information and Token balance will not change.
  • Starting on 3/31, a new suite of games will be available. Sadly, we will be saying goodbye to many of our current games, including ChaChingo Bingo and all Oodle games and leaderboards.
  • Bingo Bash will still be available on Your Chips and balances will not change.


  • In addition to Player News, the Oodles program will be fully retired on 3/29. This includes all Oodle games and the Prize Center. We know our Oodlers will be sad to see it go. Thank you for so many years of fun.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You can redeem your Oodles until 3/29. We’ve added additional Token sweepstakes to the Prize Center, and we are notifying you in advance so that you can redeem your Oodles before they are cleared from your account.

We will continue to keep you updated. In the meantime, keep enjoying the casino (we’ve even brought back Christmas in Vegas Slots!) and redeeming your Oodles! For questions or concerns, please contact Player Services.

The GSN Team

P.S. Wondering about WorldWinner? These updates only impact The WorldWinner website will not change, and you can log in as usual with your current credentials.

91 thoughts on “Important Announcement: A New Experience Coming Soon

  1. WOW! All I can say is WOW! I’m so very sad about this. Everything you mentioned that’s leaving is all that I do. I know GSN is going to loose a lot of $$ from me. You have always been wonderful Angel. It’s time to move on. Thank you for the heads up.

    • cclynn, I’ve truly enjoyed our time together! I also know how upsetting this is. That said, I took a peek at the new games coming. There are some really good ones. You may want to eventually check them out! A list is here (as well as what’s leaving)

    • Hi Elaine, I’m not sure, but I’m trying to find out for you. 🙂 I know Mondo Bingo is coming, and Bingo Bash will still be here.

    • Elaine, good news! Yes, there will still be Video Bingo Deluxe. I don’t know anything beyond that at this time, but I will post any updates I find out before April.

  2. This is truly upsetting! It states a new GSN experience is coming soon, but it sounds like there is nothing current players will like about it. It really ticks me off that they are doing away with ChaChingo Bingo and the oodles program. I have spent a ton of money on this site and was hoping to eventually recoup some back by winning the bingo, and as for the oodles, i have been waiting for them to bring something decent back to the prize center so i could possibly get something worthwhile. It’s a very cruel joke to say you can redeem your oodles until 3/29 because there’s absolutely nothing to redeem them for. Anyway, highly doubtful, i will be playing after the change. Happy Retirement Angel!
    One Very Angry Player

    • 2jellybeans, I’m truly sorry. I do understand your anger. If you ever end up on WorldWinner, look me up there. I’m on the Premier Club message board.

      • Angel, you will be missed most of all. But this is really no surprise — it’s been coming ever since WorldWinner “merged” with Actually I believe I predicted it on your site, Angel. The token games will be next to go. It’s been nice while it lasted!

        • grannybiv, I’ll miss you too! We’ve had some great years for sure. 🙂 I am on the WorldWinner Premier Club message boards if you ever get over that way. Also, I don’t think Token games are going anywhere. I mean it when I say I really like a number of the ones coming. Plus, I was able to find out this morning there will be Video Bingo, although I’m not sure of any more details beyond that at this point.

  3. This move has been in the wind for a long time, and now it’s here and it truly is a bummer! I was holding out hope of winning that ChaChingo jackpot one day, guess i’d better do it soon!
    I’m happy to see Mondo Bingo’s making a comeback, but no doubt i’ll be visiting this site much less come April…

  4. There is currently nothing in the prize center worth spending oodles on. Since the oodles program is being retired, how about offering players a final sweepstakes where they can dump all their oodles for a chance at some prizes like Amazon gift codes? Not that I’m holding out any hope of that ever happening.

    Thanks GSNAngel for all you you’ve done for us players through the years and best of luck to you on the WorldWinner side 🙂

    • shyqtpi, you’re welcome, and thank you for all your years here. It’s been great getting to know you! 🙂 You may like the new casino games coming in, and I found out this morning there will be a Video Bingo Deluxe! I don’t have any details, such will it change monthly, etc. but if you like casino games, or video bingo, the Tokens sweeps might be worth entering to stock up.

  5. Bingo Bash is a total ripoff- everything your greedy execs are doing is going to backfire on you – trying to get your diehard fans and customers to spend even more of their hard earned dollars and ultimately get less rewards. You are already seeing commments that fans/players will play less or leave the website entirely.

    In case your exec leadership doesn’t realize it or more likely doesn’t care, there is and will be more competition out there that will provide quality experiences for players.

    • Hi Paul, I truly understand this is upsetting. If you are having issues with Bingo Bash, you can look for the Help / FAQ button once the game has loaded. You can also reach out directly to Bingo Bash support by emailing While is changing, and losing the Oodles program, the casino games coming in are good ones. I enjoy a number of them! I hope others will too if they check them out.

  6. Well…. I KNEW this would amount to (2+Mln) OODLES OF NOTHING. This is why the State of Florida (the one I’ve vacationed in) considers GSN and WorldWinner A PAID GAMBLING PLACE.

    Do believe most Members that made this site what it is in the first place will leave before Easter Sunday, even before March 29th….

    Sorry, Angel…. But this is one of the FIRST GOODBYES from people WHO’VE REALLY CARED and expect GSN and WorldWinner to CRASH APPROPRIATELY soon enough.

    Sorry for the rant, but YOU DON’T DESERVE IT. But your bosses certainly will.

    • Irisberto, I’m very sorry, I know this is upsetting. I would like to let you know WorldWinner is a cash games site based on skill, not gambling, as the outcome of the tournaments are based solely on the skill of the players, not luck or chance. There is no vested interest in the outcome of the tournaments provided and WorldWinner does not act as the “house” like in a Casino. WorldWinner is solely in the business of creating and managing tournaments. and there are free warm up games people can play as much as they want. They never need to pay to play if they don’t want to. Also, this past year Florida (and Arizona) residents are allowed entry into even more tournaments than before:

      -Limited Entry: Head-to-head tournaments and more!
      -Super Rewards: Earn tons of Rewards Points.
      -Ladders: Challenge opponents and climb the ladder.
      -Premium: Bigger prizes, more Rewards Points.
      -Mega Events: Earn Mega Points to top the leaderboard.
      -Survivals: Single-elimination style and bigger prizes with each round.

  7. What a sad day!! One enjoyment I’ve had has been improving my abilities and climbing the leaderboard. It doesn’t really sound like there will be much left for me. I might have to actually get other things done. CRAP!!! My favorite excuse will be gone. P.S. I agree about not having anything for awhile now to actually redeem our oodles on. What a waste.

  8. Seemed it was too good to be true Another good place like Pogo going down drain. Been here since 2000 . Not good with chg

  9. Wow this is SO upsetting. Years of collecting Oodles, over 4,000,000 and first you take away anything decent to redeem them for (all the gift cards) and now, you are doing away with them all together.

  10. I doubt I will be playing on gsn anymore & may discontinue worldwinner also. it will probably be nice to have the extra time to use on something else

  11. I’m so annoyed and devastated. I just went through this with the GSN Facebook games and now they are completely pointless. I only play the bingo games, Video Bingo and Wheel of Fortune Bingo. Looks like I’m losing WOF and nothing about Video Bingo. America Coast to Coast is what replaced it on Facebook and it’s horrible. I’m disabled and need a bingo game that has a pause function. Your site is the only one with that that I’ve found.

    • SocietysChild, I’m very sorry, I understand your upset. I do have good news on the Video Bingo Deluxe front. I was able to find out this morning there will be one. I do not know at this time if it will change monthly, or what the plan is. I will update if I’m able to learn more.

  12. Any chance they will at least put oodles charity donations in the prize center? I remember pink ribbons but I’m sure there were others too.

    They missed out on good publicity by not doing world winner swag like USB drives!

  13. Ha what a joke, AT&T takes over and this site becomes carp. It’s been garbage for almost 3 years now. I will be closing my account.

  14. Are Tokens good for anything other than playing GSN games? I have 73,789,779 in my bank and looking for a way to use them.

    I cashed out 478,200 Oodles to flush my balance. The only thing left to spend them on was sweepstakes, so I have 3188 entries… no need for anybody else to enter 😉

    Can Bonus Bucks be used at WorldWinner?

    • Terry, no the Tokens are only good for GSN Games. But if you like Bingo, there will be Mondo Bingo and Video Deluxe Bingo (I answered your other post before seeing this one lol)

      YES, Bonus Bucks are used on WorldWinner. Bonus Bucks are a free currency that can be used to enter tournaments and compete for cash prizes. Bonus Bucks cannot be withdrawn and are forfeited with any cash withdrawal, including both total and partial withdrawals of your cash balance. You can read more about Bonus Bucks in the FAQs –

      WorldWinner has a mobile app too, which you probably know, but it’s nice if you like to play games on your phone or other mobile device. You can click here to get it:

    • It is Terry! And I just found out this morning Video Bingo will be here too, although I don’t know if it will change monthly like now or not. I asked for more information and can update if I get it. 🙂

  15. Are any games coming with any reward availability or tournaments? Credit for investment type like WorldWinner . So GSN still be here …ohhh ok ..I thought you were leaving .. ;( good

    • Hi Marylou, not that I’m aware of but I don’t know all of the actual plans. I just know basically what I posted. And I have been able to find out there will be Video Bingo, but I don’t know if that will change monthly like now or not.

      • Thank you … YES You had me at ”video bingo” (´ー`) there is a God. I play WorldWinner too but this is reassuring.
        OH yea…What about Mygsn or will Trivia leave >?? thanks and please. I know i will have more so stay turned to ?? and answers What a birthday present this is for me in I have been here longer than only one marriage.. ツ

        • Marylou, all of My GSN will be gone, and that includes trivia. What will be here is your account and your Tokens. I will definitely post updates as I get them through March! If you’re in Premier Club you can find me on the message boards there, or direct message me at guide_angel.gsn on WorldWinner after March. I’m so glad you’re happy about Video Bingo 🙂

  16. This is so disappointing. Like other members, I have been waiting fir something other than amazon gift cards to appear. Also I will probably not b playing.

  17. I’m extremely devastated on what you said ahead of time Angel!!! You’re going to get rid of the oodles program and all oodles games that we all enjoy. I hate this Angel and the fact that the prize center should offer decent prizes. And still the prize center team won’t care and I’ve officially had enough here. Why are they doing this Angel? Why don’t they care even after I’ve sent my speeches to them to offer gift cards and other requested things? This is no joke and they are doing this on purpose right in front of me!!! Wasted my time and money for them to laugh at us for nothing offered to us. I want to know what the oodles are going to be replaced with. And why are you getting rid of Chachingo Bingo? How are we going to win the jackpot or consolation prizes if we no longer have this program? I haven’t won the jackpot yet but I still don’t understand what’s happening around here on the updates. Why are you getting rid of the prize center? I also want to know what the replacement of the prize center would look like. Why are some of the casino games are going to be gone forever? I need those answers what you showed to me ahead of time. I don’t want my oodles account to be gone forever. I’ve been on this site for at least 8 yrs and never had my mouth drop down in disgrace. Angel, everyone including me want answers and I mean it extremely seriously. Like everyone else, I’m extremely angry about the changes you presented to all us players. Once again, give us all the answers right now to every disappointed player out there in this dark globe today.

    • Hi sanbull60, I’m very sorry you’re upset. I do understand why you are. I’ve been here 18 years myself, and I hate to see these things go too. There won’t be anything replacing Oodles or the Prize Center. They are going away. I don’t have any answers for you beyond what I posted. I will continue to post any updates that come my way!

  18. Not happy, but getting used to in evitable changes at my age. Appreciate the heads up ahead of March 31st! NEW GAMES , OK. Dunno yet if I’ll play or not… depends if still a fun distraction! Basically free, for fun and entertainment are changing! Keep me /us posted.

  19. if we are going to lose all those oodles that we worked so long and hard to accumulate, you could at least give us something worthwhile to get in the prize center. it would be nice to bring back the amazon gift cards. that’s something we could all use. i also am very disappointed. i have spent many hours on this site accumulating oodles and there is nothing to get for them any more. please think about bringing back the gift cards. thank you.

    • Hi kag8362, there are Bonus Bucks sweepstakes in the prize center if you player game son WorldWinner, or Token sweepstakes. The new games that are coming will use Tokens, so it’s a chance to stock up!

  20. So nice to see how loyal GSN is to its customers. I have over 5 million oodles and they have nothing worthwhile for us to use them on before the deadline. What use are sweepstakes for world winner “cash”, when the minute you pull any money out of your account, it takes away your “cash”. I should have quit years ago when the prizes became worthless. Certainly will not participate in the new GSN. And for a company that claims no responsibility for the screw ups on world winner, they certainly seem to be promoting it now. You should at least have some real prizes for those loyal customers to use up their banked up oodles.

    • Hi Shari, I think you’re talking about Bonus Bucks in the Prize Center? Those are not “real” cash. Bonus Bucks are a free currency that you can use to enter any cash games tournament; there are no limitations. The key thing to note is that you use Bonus Bucks to pay for the first 10% of your entry fee and use real money to pay the remaining 90% (think of them as a 10% discount). Like Game Credits, Bonus Bucks cannot be withdrawn. However, unlike Game Credits if you do make a cash withdrawal you will forfeit any outstanding Bonus Bucks balance. WorldWinner never prevent players from withdrawing and never impose a fee for withdrawing like other game sites & apps. You can withdraw anytime you like, but you would be sacrificing all of your Bonus Bucks. You can read more about Bonus Bucks in the FAQs –

      • I am referring to the sweepstakes you have for bonus bucks, which is the only thing you have for possible redemption of oodles besides tokens. You guys have been making money off us for years with the advertising we have to watch to play the games and now after years of playing and gaining oodles, they are now worthless because you don’t have anything decent in the prize center.

  21. What a bad joke. In November the GSN that was worth a visit went on it’s death bed. Come March 31 you can call in a priest. Come April 1 it will be dead and buried. Redeeming remaining oodles is truly a joke. There is nothing left. If GSN had any class, it would do a 1 week or even 1 day spectacular where it offered one last oodle redeeming bash. At the very least sweepstakes and auctions with a chance to win gift cards again. A last opportunity to use up what will soon disappear. But I fear GSN has no class and doesn’t care about it’s loyal customers.

      • so my replies, i just get deleted
        .. Is she right or wrong.?? ANY thing to work for or spend more money on like gift card? OR WIN? that did not seem to do much this time so …i just love throwing it away. With no bills, thank the lord..might as well pay for nothing. Is this whole issue so most move to world winner?

      • Give us one more opportunity at some gift cards. Have been on this site for several years and have used only half of my oodles. Would be a total shame not too!

  22. So basically you are going to combine with GSN Casino? I have enjoyed the different games offered in both rooms.. There will be no variety now so it looks like one of the sites will be phased out. Sorry to hear that. I hope you don’t tighten your belts so much that it squeezes the life out of GSN.
    I’ve missed you on Player News GSNAngel, now I can miss Player News.

    • Doublell7 I’m still on until the end of March! After that you can find me on the Premier Club boards on WorldWinner (I’m there now actually). I will miss you, and everyone very much, as well as Player News. I loved getting to know everyone over the years!

  23. Sad news for sure. I was hoping the Prize Vault would be replenished in the near future after I had read that Sony bought GSN from AT&T a few months ago. But apparently not. Hopefully the Prize Vault will have some nice ‘going away’ prizes before its demise. Fingers Crossed!!!!

    • Valorie, thank you for your thoughts. It is sad news, but if you like slots games, many of the new ones coming are great! I don’t think anything will be changing with the Prize Center, but I have passed your hopes along.

      • It is a sad time, indeed. I do not usually play the slots games and only play some of the bingo games. I also do not want to pay for membership at WorldWinner or for the Premier Club as I can’t afford it, so I guess it will be good-bye soon.

  24. I was so upset yesterday when I read this news that I could not even respond right away. I was hoping this am that it was just a nightmare. I am still in shock that these games will be going away. Ditto on the above comments about using my oodles in the prize center – on WHAT?! There have not been good prize choices (like the good old days!) in a long time now. I too was always hopeful to win ChaChingo bingo someday – I promised my husband a new boat when I win! Anyhow – I truly hope this does not mean any job losses for any gsn staff. Happy gaming all from a terribly sad, upset, and shocked daily player.

    • I’m very sorry turtle297, I know this is upsetting. I’ll keep fingers crossed on ChaChingo Bingo for you, you have until end of March. A new boat would be pretty cool. 🙂 Thank you for the kind thoughts regarding the staff. We’ll be working on the WorldWinner site. I’m on the Premier Club message boards if you ever go there. I can tell you many of the new slots games that are coming are very fun. I would say that even if things weren’t changing here! I hope you can find some new favorites.

  25. I come to your site daily just to get a break from my world of taking care of my bedridden husband. And now, you’re removing several of the games I enjoy and play while he is sleeping. Not so sure I’ll be sticking around long after the ‘changes’, not so sure I’ll spend any money here either.

    • Hi Elizabeth, I’m sorry things are changing. I understand where you’re coming from. I can tell you a number of the new games coming are very fun. I’ve played them. My favorites are Mt Rockmore, American Fireworks, and Millionaire’s Mission. If it helps, I am also told Video Bingo will still be here, but I’ve not been able to find out yet if they will change monthly like now, or not. I will update when I learn more.

  26. Glad I’ve already begun my transition to something else. I too have spent a lot of $ here, but now I’m leaving this sinking ship. Wish I could have used my oodles for an actual prize, they took the prizes away before I had enough to even bid on anything. Good luck in the future with this site. YOU’RE DEFINITELY GOING TO NEED IT!

    • B Wallace, we appreciate you played on Thank you for that. If you decide to check out the new games, I hope you find some you like.

  27. Saying “new games” is very misleading. All the games you mentioned are on GSN Casino, and yes they are fun. It would be clearer to say that is merging with the Casino site and removing most of its own games. It won’t be long before one of the rooms become obsolete. Too bad.

    • Doublell7, these games are absolutely new for! Many of our players are not on Facebook, or they don’t want to play games on Facebook. This will be a good way for them to experience and play those games.

    • Lorraine, yes, absolutely. Tokens are not going away and the new games coming in use Tokens. You will log in to same as usual and your Account and Tokens remain the same. Oodles and the Oodles program are going away.

    • Hi Vee, they did not show, but the weekly and monthly are showing now. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

  28. I don’t know why they have to retire some of the games. We can’t win anything for playing them anyway it’s just for fun, I will hate to see Mighty Zeus go as that is my favorite game.

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