Weekly Promo Code 12/23

Happy Monday! Here is this week’s Oodles promo code!

To redeem, go to My GSN and enter promo code  HOLLYOODLES  to score 6,500 Oodles and 5,000 Tokens!  Expires  12/29. You can redeem your Oodles in the Prize Center here 

Why is there a weekly Oodles promo code? To learn more please see our previous post here

9 thoughts on “Weekly Promo Code 12/23

  1. I really miss playing bingo for monthly prizes, if all we can do is collect oodles what’s the point if there is nothing to spend them on but world winner game credits. If this is the case why not have bingo prizes of tons of oodles, at least we could play bingo for that. Also need more ways to get oodles, it gets boring.

  2. hi angel,
    well i`ve done it again 369 days of checking in, but who cares, i just wanted to see if i could do it, i`ll see if i can do it again because i like playing this …………..

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