Christmas in Vegas Slots Jingles it’s Way Back!

Want to keep your account jingling all the way this winter? Go for a big Token payout in our limited-edition game, Christmas in Vegas Slots. Spin martinis, ornaments, snowy palm trees, and more. Start now, this game is only available for a short time!

8 thoughts on “Christmas in Vegas Slots Jingles it’s Way Back!

  1. Fabulous, I love this game,drunk snowmen ,martinis with candy canes, and show girls…GSN should put this up in July sometime just for the heck of it

  2. oh no same issues as always, not able to load game! I really like this game ; > (
    and this is a second browser I’ve gone too! oh well .no need to respond it’ll be awhile before I check back in….. Good Luck to all on your games though

  3. Dear GSAngel,
    I haven’t seen a comment on this page since November. I’m happy to see you again. Thank you and all the work you have done for us.

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