Weekly Promo Code 9/23

Happy Monday! Here is this week’s Oodles promo code!

To redeem, go to My GSN and enter promo code  FALLOODLES  to score 6,500 Oodles and 5,000 Tokens!  Expires  9/29. You can redeem your Oodles in the Prize Center here 

Why is there a weekly Oodles promo code? To learn more please see our previous post here

9 thoughts on “Weekly Promo Code 9/23

  1. ANGEL 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Is there going to be anything NEW coming up besides the rehash of oodelectibles?
    Enquiring Minds, since WE got shafted out of BLACK FRIDAY & CYBER MONDAY,
    Oodle $25 buck Prize Cards. Maybe GSN , would fill a little remorse for going back on the promise of a new PRIZE CENTER 1917, when they took it away FEB 17. WE HAVEN’T FORGOT. 🙁 Let us know on the status of this years; BLACK FRIDAY & CYBER MONDAY. Sure would be a moral booster.

    • I’m sorry Polly, I don’t know what could be coming up, but I’ll pass your post to the prize team so they know your thoughts!

        • I know, I’m sorry. Mommy needs a cocktail though (totally teasing, it was a meme I saw recently and it made me giggle!) 😀
          Link: http://ow.ly/Sn2z30pDO5n – and no, I do not think of you guys as kittens or children, your mother comment made me think of this! lol

      • Dear gsn angel: can a person who have not played the Thurs. Power hour or sunday happy hour in the past can they still take advantage of redeeming the weekly 6500 oodles and 5,000 tokens?

  2. I finally just gave up on GSN doing something better Polly…I’d been saving my Oodles (I have just south of 3.5 Million) hoping for something better… Now I’m just gonna spend them bidding on $25 Gift Cards for the next few weeks to zero out my balance. Gone are the days when you could get a Kitchen Aid mixer for 400,000 Oodles…

  3. Every time I get free spins on Blazing Cherries there seems to be a connection problem. I pick my choice and win so many spins then that pops up. Then it reloads and my free spins are gone. This isn’t right.

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