Weekly Promo Code 7/15

Happy Monday! Here is this week’s Oodles promo code!

To redeem, go to My GSN and enter promo code  HOTOODLES  to score 6,500 Oodles and 5,000 Tokens!  Expires  7/21. You can redeem your Oodles in the Prize Center here 

Why is there a weekly Oodles promo code? To learn more please see our previous post here

6 thoughts on “Weekly Promo Code 7/15

    • Hi, you can reach out to player services and let them know, but the treasure chest is offered through a 3rd party vendor. Sometimes clearing cache can bring it back, but otherwise it’s wait until a new month, or week. I’m not sure how they schedule that.

  1. Dear GSNAngel
    Woke up this morning for my dose of coffee and Chachingo and found another big winner who was not me. Congratulations and thanks to GSN for still having one free thing left for the players.

  2. Went there Thursday, for first time EVER! Entered hotoodles and it said it had already been redeemed. IS SOMEONE STEALING MY bonus tokens and OODLES???

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