4 thoughts on “Play Video Bingo Deluxe: Fireworks in Philly Now!

  1. Will this game be extended past July 28 since the site has been down for an extended period of time, including now a weekend day, which is a key time for playing?

  2. Video Bingo has been down since October, 2018. Played every day for months, went to the hospital, came home 2 weeks later and tried to log on to my favorite game and it didn’t load. Been trying since then to log into this game to no avail. What happened to GSN Video Bingo.??? Yes, there are other Bingo games that you offer, but I don’t like any of them !!! Tried looking for someone to ask via facebook, no luck. Can someone please tell me if Video Bingo will ever be available again.!!! Not ready to give up and miss out if it ever becomes available. I hope you take this serious and look into why it’s gone or do whatever you can to bring it back. Your help in this matter is very much appreciated and needed. Thank you.. A very loyal Video Bingo fan…

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