Promo Code & Epic Token Sale!

We’ve completed our updates and the games are ready to go! As a thank you for your patience, claim promo code GSNGIFT and enjoy 35,000 Tokens and 5,000 Oodles on us! ends 7/31
PLUS, our biggest sale EVER: 40X Tokens until through midnight ET Monday!! Click here to buy now.
Also, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Players Services so they can take care of any questions or concerns.

9 thoughts on “Promo Code & Epic Token Sale!

  1. Thank you GSN Angel and to all the GSN team for getting things back up and running! Thank you also for the gift tokens/oodles!! I know it’s difficult when technical issues happen and then having to deal with all of us frustrated players! Just know it is because we love this site and the great games that you provide!

    Again, a big thanks to all of you at GSN!!

  2. Thank You GSNAngel !
    Even though it was only about 1 1/2 days I missed playing.
    Oh and BTW thank you as always for your personal help
    with GSN games and info, you truly are an angel

  3. Thank you! I’m so used to playing everyday, my day wasn’t the same without being able to play. Glad your back up and running. Thanks for the gift!

    I was starting to get DT withdrawal from not playing.
    The extra tokens and oodles are great.
    Have a nice week

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