Bingo Bash: NEW room + Unlimited Power Plays

Big news, bingo fans! Now you can play the NEW Bingo Bash room, Pizza Dash! Unlock at level 26. 🍕🍕🍕
PLUS: Enjoy Unlimited Power Plays now through Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Bingo Bash: NEW room + Unlimited Power Plays

  1. Hey Angel,
    The Earn Free Oodles Icon Under My To-Doodles Is Not Appearing Again For The Last Three Days. You Still Advertise The Icon Under GSN 101. I’ve Cleared My Chrome Browser. Have All My Updates Done. So What’s Up. I Have Contacted Player Services In The Past About This; And It’s Always The Same Statement; The Earn Free Oodles Icon Is Related To Advertisers, Contact Them. This Is Utterly Ridiculous Considering Us Gamer’s Don’t Get The Money For The Advertisement; GSN Does. Thanks For Any Light You Can Shed On This.!

    • pluto134340, the free Oodles can come and go. They are offered by a third party site, not us. It’s up to them when to offer or not. I’ve never seen a response from us that says contact the advertisers. If you can forward that to my email, I’d be most grateful.

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