Weekly Promo Code 6/17

Happy Monday! Here is this week’s Oodles promo code!

To redeem, go to My GSN and enter promo code  DADOODLES  to score 6,500 Oodles and 5,000 Tokens!  Expires  6/23. You can redeem your Oodles in the Prize Center here 

Why is there a weekly Oodles promo code? To learn more please see our previous post here

16 thoughts on “Weekly Promo Code 6/17

  1. I was cleaning out my mailbox and notice that if you do win a prize the email is from WINNERS@gsn.com so If in the remote chance I win the jackpot will I get an email from that address or do they just cut a check?

    • Hi johnie, you would need to respond to the email from winners to collect your prize. No responding actually will forfeit it.

      • Since we’re on the topic, I have another question regarding what methods are used when notifying whoever wins the jackpot. Now, in the “My Account” section of the My GSN page, there is an area for you to put down your phone number. Would there be a chance that, if I were to win the jackpot, they would use said phone number to contact me, in addition to emailing me saying that I have won? I ask because I don’t check my email after every hour has passed, nor do I always have the time to do so.

        • Hi Rob, no, we don’t call players. They need to check their email. That said, if it takes a couple days, you can still win your prize. I think the rules say a week. Also, if people do not respond to the first email, the Prize Center generally sends a second as well. I don’t recall a jackpot never being claimed before so it’s not been an issue.

  2. Dear Angel, Where is this weeks promo code. week of 6/24/19. I still see the code for the week of 6/17/19 in Player News. Thanks so much for your help/

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