Letter Z Oodlectible

“Z” is for zebra, the last, but not least, of our alphabet Oodlectibles! Click here to add this colorful Oodlectible to your Collections Box today. Ends 7/7

Note: We love our Oodlectible alphabet series, and understand some people missed some. Check in every month, as we re-release previous letters for a limited time!

7 thoughts on “Letter Z Oodlectible

      • Well, hasn’t GSN gotten stingy? We spend our hard-earned Oodles on these & used to get a small extra reward for getting certain combinations of Oodlectibles so I thought there should be one for getting all the states (or the entire alphabet, or both). Disappointed.

        • I’m sorry you’re disappointed, but there was never any indication collecting these two sets would result in some kind of reward. Also, please remember we’re giving out 350 Oodles more a week since the new promo codes. In the past 6 weeks that’s a total of 2,100 Oodles so far. I don’t think that’s stingy 🙂

          • I do like the new Oodles codes but have spent many times that adding to my collections. Even though it wasn’t promised in advance, I was hoping for a surprise after both collections (states & alphabet) were fully released. Oh, well.

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