Weekly Oodles Play Promos Changes as of Monday 5/5/19

We want to update our GSN community that we have to make some changes to our Oodles game play promotions. We have run into technical issues with the following:
– Weekly Play Promos
– Thursday Power Hour
– Sunday Happy Hour

As a result, we need to discontinue these  indefinitely. We apologize for the inconvenience. We know your Oodles are important to you, and we’re going to make sure you continue to get them every week.

Starting tomorrow we will be posting a weekly Oodles promo code to Player News. I’m told there will  be more Oodles available in the promo code than all of the weekly game play promos combined!  There will be a some free Tokens as well, so please be sure to stop by and redeem each week’s new promo code!

32 thoughts on “Weekly Oodles Play Promos Changes as of Monday 5/5/19

    • I’m sorry for the inconvenience Flo. It’s actually more Oodles than what the promos provide though! If you played all the promotions for all the hours/plays you would get 6,150 for the week. This promo code is for 6,500 Oodles! That’s 350 more Oodles a week.

      + 500 (Thursday power hours)
      + 400 (Sunday happy hour)
      + 5,250 (weekly play promos)

      • the amount was not the point. Your site just said here Are free oodles and tokens, they are useless, as we do not have any real prizes and you do not need to spend your tokens to play in casino games, just keep collecting.

  1. Ok ..Still play Bingo right? I will find something to do .lol Thank you for recent win. Appreciate this

  2. Thank you, but what about the 750 Oodles for/per 50 spins award? I think we’re still getting shorted.

    • It’s actually more Oodles than what the promos provide though! If you played all the promotions for all the hours/plays you would get 6,150 for the week. This promo code is for 6,500 Oodles! That’s 350 more Oodles a week.

      + 500 (Thursday power hours)
      + 400 (Sunday happy hour)
      + 5,250 (weekly play promos – 750 Oodles a day. 750×7=5,250)

  3. ive been having wonder wheel not appearing on a frequent basis…is that planning to disappear also? or is there a better time to access it? thank you. for your information .. deb c.

    • Hi Deb, I have not heard that’s going away. I’m not sure why there are issues, but you may want to reach out to Player Services and see if they have any ideas for you.

    • A number of the people we’re hearing from on here and through player services do play the promos. The nice things about this is not everyone is able to play all promos for all of the hours or spins available. To me this is a nice thing overall. Plus it’s 350 more Oodles than normal!

    • dbag, it’s hard to quantify, because how many tokens are people spending to get that amount? With the Oodles it’s easier to know the exact amount.

      • On the contrary, it’s quite simple. Sunday Happy Hour starts at 5 PM ET, play just 50 spins of any slots game each hour and get 100 Oodles and 1.000 tokens. Hurry, the party ends at 9 PM ET. Be sure to come back for a little late night fun during Thursday Power Hour from 9 PM TO 2 am ET. 900 Oodles, 9,000 Tokens.

        • My point was, there’s no way of knowing how many Tokens people have to spend to get 1,000. Do they actually come out of head or behind? This was it’s 5,000 Tokens free and clear. I have passed on your posts though.

  4. No biggie to me personally but i’m sure some players enjoyed ‘earning’ their oodles through play rather than just having them handed over. But, things change, and sometimes we just have to accept!

  5. I enjoyed getting the oodles and tokens every day for playing so many spins of games and it seems that now you want people to play the games that cost money. I don’t believe it’s fair because some people cannot afford to pay for the games.

    • Hi, as we explained there are issues with the GSN Promos. Rather than remove them and not offer anything in return, we’re opting to provide even more Oodles than you would get if you played all the promos all week. I’m sorry about the disappointment in not having specific promotions, but Oodle-wise, this is a very good thing (350 more Oodles a week). The reason you’re seeing WorldWinner promotions in My GSN, is because they;re the only promotions currently working. They were there before too. They just seem more prominent without the GSN ones.

  6. So, since they have technical difficulties with the video chest for oodles, why do they not give us an additional 1400 which is 4 videos a day for 50 oodles which amounts to 200 oodles a day x 7 days and equals 1400 oodles. If the solution to one technical problem is just give them to us, then you should just give us the oodles for everything. Thank you

    • Hi Flo, we don’t run the treasure chest. It’s a 3rd party supplier. Please reach out to player services when it’s not working for you. Also, keep in mind the treasure chest offers do come and go. Sometimes clearing browser cache can bring it back.

  7. I know it takes time sometimes to get use to changes, but I live in a state (Tennessee) that does not allow me to play your games for money. I have even tried to sigh up this week to do so and it will not let me. Therefore, the way I see your new program is that I cannot earn anything except when the 20,000 sometimes pops up for tokens. So basically there are no games I can play because I cannot give you money. Please advise if I am right or wrong. Thank you.

    • Carolyn, do you mean the cash games on WorldWinner? Anyone can purchase Tokens to play the casino games on GSN. They’re separate things.

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