Video Bingo Deluxe: Once Upon a Daub

Which star did you wish upon?  Video Bingo Deluxe: Once Upon a Daub is here for a LIMITED TIME!

The enchanted fairy tale pages are torn apart – and we need YOU to piece them back together.

There’s a reward (of course): Score 1,000,000 Tokens once you complete your journey.  Daub now – this limited-edition game won’t be around for long.


Video Bingo Deluxe: Once Upon a Daub tutorial video: 

This is the progression, and how many Tokens for each milestone. 

Path Route  Token Reward
Start No Tokens
The Pond 1,000 Tokens
The Bridge 2,000 Tokens
Grandmother’s House 5,000 Tokens
Geppetto’s Workshop 10,000 Tokens
The Gingerbread House 25,000 Tokens
The Beanstalk 50,000 Tokens
Rapunzel’s Tower 100,000 Tokens
The Pumpkin Carriage 200,000 Tokens
Prince Charming’s Castle 1,000,000 Tokens

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