Play Your Faves!

Time to play your faves and score!

• Play 25 games of any casino game and earn 150 Oodles, repeatable 5X each day.
• Earn 2,000 Tokens instantly when you play 50,000, repeatable 10X each day.

Get going now – this opportunity fades 4/28 at midnight ET. Details on My GSN.


4 thoughts on “Play Your Faves!

  1. What about those who played more than 25 games between midnight and 1 a.m. and did not receive the 150 oodles, but got the extra tokens for betting over 50000 before the promo disappeared from the gsn section and just shortly before 25 games had been reached. Three times in four days you guys have gotten it wrong..

    • Hi Pat, no, it was not posted at the usual time. Please reach out to Player Services if you need any assistance or crediting.

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