April Oodle Bonus: 1,000 Oodles!

Happy April! Go to My GSN and enter promo code RAINOODLES before 4/30 to score 1,000 Oodles.

As always, you can redeem your Oodles in the Prize Center!

17 thoughts on “April Oodle Bonus: 1,000 Oodles!

  1. Hello there Angel. I was wondering when will there be a Spring Swapit oodles game? Because it’s already spring in April and Winter Swapit is still there and not removed.

  2. momas1954 Dearest Angel, I am unable to log-in due to am invalid username od password. Both have always been saved and I am unable to go into my Yahoo email as it is expired and I have been ill and in several hospitals since March of this year. I was able to sign in since I have been home 4/8/19 nut all of a sudden my saved password & username have been changed somehow. I have reached out to GSN HELP but do not know if they are receiving my messages,. I am in deep trouble and hope you can relay this message to them.

    • Hi, can you please email me from an email that works correctly for you? We’re going to have to add a new mail to your account if you’re unable to use your yahoo one. If your yahoo account was your only email you may need to create a new one if you can’t get into it. You can contact me at GSNAngel@gsngames.com

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