Weekly Prize Center & Sweeps Winners 2/11/2019- 2/17/2019

$25 Amazon Gift Card Auction Winners

17-Feb spatrick718 Bid 842,002
17-Feb CandyCaneMaker Bid 720000
17-Feb trottm Bid 715950
17-Feb frightfulfiend Bid 713002
17-Feb JoSh2911 Bid 707211
17-Feb arritala1 Bid 706788
17-Feb Blue_Rose Bid 705500

$50 Amazon Sweepstakes Winners

17-Feb 760ZZZZZZZ
17-Feb SophieDiana1955
17-Feb TralfazG
17-Feb kmcb1228
17-Feb mtnmamanc
17-Feb dommon434
17-Feb brysp

Daily 100,000 Tokens Sweepstakes Winners

11-February scslomberg
12-February jumpinn01
13-February jumprunner724
14-February WEEWILLIE2212
15-February skillen
16-February asaberni
17-February whisperingscarlett

Weekly 500,000 Tokens Sweepstakes Winner

17-Feb jomorales

Weekly Game Credit Sweeps Winners

17-Feb ccriccett1 $100
17-Feb gwalterrobin $75
17-Feb lazydaze203 $25

Sunday Happy Hour

Sunday Happy Hour starts at 5pm ET! Play just 50 spins of ANY slots game each hour and get 100 Oodles and 1,000 Tokens! Hurry, the party ends at 9PM ET.
Details on My GSN after 5pm ET. 

PS. Be sure to come back for a little late night fun during Thursday Power Hours from 9pm ET to 2am ET!


2019 Valentine’s Day Oodlectibles

However you feel about Valentine’s Day, there’s an Oodlectible for you! Check out our fun offerings below, and click the link to the one you like best! (perhaps both?). Ends 3/14.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. There’s tons of Oodlectibles, but this one’s for you! Happy Valentine’s Day from GSN. Click here to get it now. 

Roses are blue. Violets are red. Love poems are distasteful. Celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day with this Oodlectible now! Click here to add it to your collections box.