Letter V Oodlectible

“V” is for vibrant, and we’re pleased to offer an Oodlectible that is just that! Click here to add this colorful Oodlectible to your collections box. It’s sure to be an exciting addition! Ends 2/6

3 thoughts on “Letter V Oodlectible

  1. First, why are you not posting my replies????
    I see NO chests for oodles anymore:
    Happy New Year Angel.
    Unfortunately, the powers at GSN.com are still the same as they have been for this past year – utterly uncaring about the their players on this site (unlike the players whom they love on worldwinner) Example, when secret word was retired, we were warned. This Chest for oodles has just disappeared, totally, first they kept reducing the amount of videos (and not telling us) now it is just gone & not a kind word from the powers that be, just like no black friday or cyber monday! If they do not want us, why don’t they just say so?

    • Hi Flo, Happy New Year to you too! I see the chest for Oodles under My-Toodles. Have you tried clearing browser cache? If so and you’re still not seeing it, have you let player services know? I would send a screenshot if you’re able.

  2. Every so often I still see the Oodles box to view sponsored ad, but it is very sporadic and I can normally only get it once or twice. Many days it doesn’t show up at all. I don’t think it has anything to do with the browser cache because it happens on multiple computers. I think it’s simply like the previous poster said – there just aren’t very many ads anymore.

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