Play Your Faves All Week!

Time to play your faves and score!

• Play 25 games of any casino game and earn 150 Oodles, repeatable 5X each day.
• Earn 2,000 Tokens instantly when you play 50,000, repeatable 10X each day.

Get going now – this opportunity fades 10/28 at midnight ET. Details on My GSN.


28 thoughts on “Play Your Faves All Week!

  1. Hello Angel. I like to find out if there will be Black Friday and Cyber Monday auctions for this year? If yes, will they put out fast food, popular restaurant chains and department store chains gift cards? Last year, they never introduce gift cards such as Ebay, Walmart, Cheesecake Factory and all the etc. here. Why is the prize center going downhill almost to nothing? Why can’t the prize center team improve our requests for even better prizes? Angel, what’s up with them against our pleads? We want some answers on them never taking any course of actions. Because if they continue this negativity up, you’re going to lose hundreds of players enjoying the site. They will never ever come back because of the almost bone dry prize center. And I want to use my oodles on my favorite gift cards other than Amazon. Which I had yet to use because of this ridiculous downfall. Once again, we want to find out why the prize center team is not giving us our favorite gift cards and daily auction prizes please?

    • I’m sorry sanbull60, I don’t know what, if anything, is planned for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. That’s up to the Prize Center team. Please know I’ve passed this post to them, along with your feedback.

      • Last year Angel, every comment I’ve read from players is negative about the almost bone dry prize center. My comment to the prize center team is way beyond not good. And remember I’ve gave them several powerful speeches of my own? They still won’t budge despite the bombardment of comments including mine!!! This is totally unacceptable!! Is the prize center team trying to make our society come to a crushing end? Are they trying to further weaken the poor so they can’t save themselves? Is the prize center team on the dark side in the whole entire universe? Will they continue with this endless shower of envy and sorrow upon us all? I won’t allow this temptation to affect me at all!!! I don’t want to see it happen in every innocent human being on this very planet!!! I want the prize center team to remember the excellent times when they put out exciting prizes in the past years. And what players enjoyed on the prizes they receive. Once again Angel, this is another speech against their will. Will they answer us or make hundreds of players leave GSN forever?

    • sanbull60, if memory strikes me right, this happens to be the same threat you used last year,yet you are still here,still playing games and scoring high on the leader boards. The gift cards you mentioned are not everyone’s choices either.

  2. I too, have to agree with Sanbull regarding stopping playing as there is NO REASON TO PLAY IF YOU CAN’T USE YOUR OODLES EARNED !!!!!!! Pass that along also,as I am tired of asking. Thanks so much.

  3. GSNAngel,
    I do plan on sticking around, I enjoy my time on this site very much,it’s not all about the Oodles for me…yes I have gotten some fairly good prizes, but the fun is really where it’s at.

  4. Thank You so much Angel, as I too have repeatedly asked GSN HELP what was going on with the prizes ans always blown off with one excuse or another for well over a year now. Sometimes the tickets were just deleted as if they were never written. I would keep the ticket numbers to go back and check into and there would be no trace of such a ticket number. I had seen it there and then gone. Guess they got tired of the repeated questions. Who knows but I know I am not alone who feels that you do feel for us and do pass along the remarks. We also know you have no say in what gets done also. Thank You anyway for all your help along the way. You are the greatest !!!!

  5. First of all the Trivia question this morning was almost impossible to answer correctly. “Barbara T. won our 2012 Premier Club Sweepstakes. What did she get?”
    Secondly she won a car? Why dont we see BIG prizes like this anymore? Awhile back,at least over a year, there was a post that the Prize Center was going to be making changes. I dont think we thought those changes would never come or be worse than what we had.
    Not intended to be against you. You are the messenger. Send the message to the prize patrol. Thanks

    • Hi Bigdave, agreed, that’s not a good question anymore. I’ve passed your message to the prize patrol! I honestly don;t recall the car prize and I was here then, but it wasn’t through the prize center.

  6. Angel, love the website and have been playing for a number of years. Have to say the trivia question on Wednesday November 14th was one of the dumbest questions ever. 2012, Barbara T., come on now.

      • Thank goodness that it will be taken out to the trash…I was also around back then but was not playing much on the cash side so yep got the answer wrong

      • For the record, there is a Facebook page that posts the trivia answer called GSNchatters every day – all you have to do is Google it. They are very reliable. If you don’t know the answer, no reason not to go there and get the oodles.

  7. Sweet Angel:
    I love to play all the games but when I loose I don’t mad I just keep playing and have done for years and I also won the oodles prize and it is pretty and I have it set out on my computer desk so I can look at it and as for the help team they have been awsome to work with if I have a problem they fix it right away. thanks for all GSN does for us

  8. what has happened on Bingo Bash ..there is no longer a way to ask for lost chips and misplays on the game to be resolved?? This new magic Dungeon is not working…I am playing in Premium and not shown the Magic Dungeon.

  9. I was resigned to the fact that GSN is into making money and not rewarding members with prizes. But some time ago “Angel” stated prize center was going to give prizes–that gave me hope that thousands of oodles are not WORTHLESS, But alas a false promise–I guess a gift of a toaster is too much to ask–but I do love the games despite GSN not caring about players. Angel has “passed comments on” for months–I guess to deaf ears.

    • No, I never said what you claim. I said they were updating. I can’t give specifics about prizes, as I don’t know specifics! The prize center has changed and evolved over the years. Things don’t stay the same. I’m happy you love the games, but please do not say I claimed there would be more or different prizes.

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