WorldWinner Players Please Note These Changes

I posted about this last Friday (you can find the full post here), but I want to highlight the following.

You are still be able access GSN from WorldWinner, but the link back to GSN is now in the footer at the bottom of the page, instead of a GSN Games one at the top.

Here are the updates you’ll see on WorldWinner as of today:

– The GSN Games button in the top menu will be removed. In addition to using a link in the footer, you can bookmark for easy access.

– Your Token balance will be replaced with your Rewards Points balance in the top right.

– Your Token balance will not be shown on the WorldWinner My Account page.

– Your Oodle balance will not be shown on the WorldWinner homepage.

– You will only see WorldWinner promotions under My Account > My Promotions. If you’re on, you will still see all active promotions under My GSN > My Promotions.

Please post here or reach out to Player Services with any questions or concerns.


10 thoughts on “WorldWinner Players Please Note These Changes

  1. Angel, do you know why when i send a comment it doesn’t show waiting moderation? I make a comment and my player name and email address below disappears even though i have it checked to save.

  2. I know that this was supposedly to “streamline” the page, but it seems more like minimalizing the free games in favor of the for cash games. I liked seeing everything on the same page.

    Why is it when on the GSM page, we see ALL games including those for cash? What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

    I happen to play both liberally, but the cash games more and I still don’t like the change.

    • Trisha, we’re working on page updates on the WorldWinner side. There may be an update down the road for GSN too. I don’t know.

      • Anna, you can do one of two things. The “footer” is the very small print at the very bottom of the opening page inside the blue bar. You will see down there in small print. If you click on it it will take you to the MSN page you are used to seeing. OR you can click on the promotions tab on the right side just as you have probably done many times. It will show promotions for the free games and just click on any of those promotions to go to the casino and games for tokens.

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